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"Can" I spin again?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Over the summer I had a serious spinning accident .... due to the deteriorating spin bikes my gym was "allowing" its members to utilize. Yes, I wanted to word that carefully. I would not have been injured or traumatized if they had "not allowed" this dangerous situation to develop.

Long story short (if you hadn't read my other blog), the right pedal broke completely off mid-spin. And the really sad part of the story is that I was not the only person it happened to (there were quite a few others). And management still turned a blind eye.

Well, my guess is that it continued to happen because now, 8 months later, they have finally bought brand new bikes. My friends are calling & asking me to come back to spin class again. But I'm not sure I can .... or want to. Now isn't that sad? It used to be my "happy place." I absolutely loved spinning, and attended class 5-days-a-week. Unfortunately those sentences were in past tense.

I'm not sure what I want to do. I do miss my old friends & would like to work out with them again. But I had to make my peace with the situation and move on, and I am quite happy at the gym I'm attending now. I have made new friends, and although I don't get the workout I did when I was spinning, I have come to enjoy the more low-key atmosphere there. Probably the best thing to do is a couple days spinning & the rest of the week stay in my "comfortable" gym situation (btw, they are sister-gyms, so I changed location only ... I can go to either gym with my membership).

The real dilemma is that I'm still afraid of it happening again. I'm not usually a scardie-cat, but this was a very traumatic experience for me. I still cringe when I have to put all my weight on the pedal of the stationary bike, to get on & off. Oh, did I mention we were doing a standing climb, not sitting, when this pedal broke off? Maybe I need to concentrate on the fact that they're new bikes & that I shouldn't have to worry about a re-occurrence.

I know I should just "get over it," and would like to. But you can't just tell someone to do that. I know cause my friends tried & that just depressed me even more. I don't want to be scared, and I want to "want to" go back. I just don't yet. I'd appreciate any thoughts or advise. This is a tough decision for me.

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    Carol, I am sorry you had such a bad and dangerous situation that the gym neglected to fix or fixed way too late! I would eventually get "back on the bike" when you are ready ~and that may be a year or two,but I wouldn't give it up entirely. I also agree with JBACHMAN56 .Hope you are doing better now. emoticon
    1049 days ago
    emoticon Carol, I am so sorry that this has happened to you and others! Your life has been so affected by your spinning accident. I definitely understand your feelings. I am not a person to file a lawsuit, but it is very unfortunate that there have been a few similar accidents at the same gym. I am glad the gym finally replaced the bikes. emoticon
    1831 days ago
    I think you should absolutely do what you are comfortable with. If it was a fear that was not connected to a risk of physical injury, like public speaking for example, I would say, challenge yourself to overcome your fear, but if you are going back to a place you were injured, and even though the bikes are new, if there is no indication the maintenance and repair has improved, I would not try it, especially if I have since replaced that form of exercise with others. I should add, I am not a fan of spinning, I don't think it replicates bike riding, we never pedal at such high reps, in my case it irritates my hamstring. I think the rowing machine is the bees knees, my top choice for indoor cardio workouts.


    But in conclusion, I don't think you should do what you are uncomfortable with, and I think it is great you are active and there are a lot of choices in how to exercise. And I think it is awesome you enjoy cardio and strength training !!
    1897 days ago
    Maybe with time you might want to go back and get it a try. You are the only one that can make that decision. emoticon
    1901 days ago
    I hope you didn't get hurt! The fighter in me says do it! Get up on that horse! The listener in me says talking it through helps. But the practical side says get on them slowly. 5 minutes at a time if you can and work your way up.
    1902 days ago
    The lawyer in me (and I am not a lawyer, but my daughter is) smells lawsuit. But I do know that people who have biking accidents tend to give it up. My brother was an avid biker until he had an accident about 6 years ago and needed a partial hip replacement. I don't think he has been on a bike since. And my daughter (aforementioned lawyer, who lives in center city Philadelphia), who never rode a bike as a kid, took it up last year, just bought a bike (she has been using the rideshare bikes in Philly), and is now training for a triathlon. This from a girl who last year at this time couldn't even ride.

    I know you are talking about spinning, not outdoor cycling. Funny thing is that I ran into an old friend at my gym (a guy who I used to work with who had a second job working at the gym and now doesn't work in either place so I don't see him much). He was coming from a spin class and talking (complaining a little, perhaps) about how strenuous it was and how I should try it out. Now he has me wondering.

    I can't tell you what to do but maybe it is worth another try.
    1903 days ago
  • REESEK65
    wow tough path either way. I think I would try spinning a few times and see if it still holds a place in your heart. If so, then eventually you will overcome your fear. If not then find another workout that still gives you the results you want. Personally I would have hired an attorney too and maybe you did or will. That aside, take your time and do what works for you. No one should pressure you to do something before you are ready.
    1903 days ago
    I have absolutely no idea what a "spinning class" is. If it is dangerous I wouldn't make a point to go. That is why I don't go to gyms, those machines scare to bee-jeeses out of me, I like my dads philosophy , " if you work hard enough, that is all the exercise you need." and I true believe that. We have become lazy with all the modern conveniences.
    1903 days ago
    I think you will need to create a new habit of going. They are new and that should not happen again. Until you go and get on that horse again you will never know.
    Do what is best for you of course.
    You could do both gyms. for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.
    1903 days ago
    You need to trust the equipment and the instructor to get the most out of a workout. If they didn't maintain the equipment they did you a disservice...and you could have sued them. I hope you stay with a place that you are more comfortable with.
    1903 days ago
    I would go, look at the bikes and ask how often they are going to check/maintain these. I expect you did NOT get any compensation when you were hurt due to the bike. You are brave to even stay with the sister-gym!
    1903 days ago
    I remember reading your blog when you got hurt and understand why it would be so hard to switch back to your old gym and especially to spin again when you were hurt by unsafe equipment. It would be hard to put your trust in a bike again, or an establishment that allowed that to happen by their neglect.
    I too really enjoy spin class and I have a similar dilemma only it involves an untrained instructor. She's filled in twice when other teachers were gone and does some things that in other classes we've been specifically told not to do as they're unsafe. I don't do these moves, but am concerned that another student is going to get hurt. This instructor is going to be taking over the Friday class and I don't understand why they're allowing someone untrained to do this. I'm going to have to say something, but it's hard for me to do!
    I don't have any wise words about what you should do but wanted to let you know I understand both sides of the argument you're having with yourself. (((hugs)))
    1903 days ago
    My opinion and my opinion only...Stay with what is comfortable.You finally made your peace and came to terms with everything.If you are happy now...stay where you are at and enjoy the peace you have with it!
    1903 days ago
    This sounds like a clear case of negligence! Perhaps a conversation with an attorney is in order. (I'm not one!)
    1903 days ago
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