I've been good mostly

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Been to the gym check, went paddle board instead of gym on tuesday and went again today, I probably won't go tomorrow because I'm working the overnight and by the time i get home I've been up for 26 hrs with a 3 hr nap in there. I have a count down as to when I'm done with the overnights and its at 89 days (that isn't working days more like normal days) estimating about 36 working days. I feel awful because I left my old job thinking this was better and in the long run it is but as we all know I have no patience.

This will be a short post mostly celebrating me being active for 3 days straight :D Maybe after it quiets down at work I'll try to get in 30min of just walking around the clinic and that'll count for my thursday workout.
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