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April Fools Day 2016

Friday, April 01, 2016

So I totally forgot about April Fools Day. My students (6th grade) TRIED to prank me. They all walked in saying Happy Birthday Ms. Walker. I was like "'what the heck is wrong with them? They all know that it's not my birthday" but I didn't say anything to them; I let them enjoy their moment and said thank you. I then said to myself you guys started a battle that you're going to lose. I then planned a prank and added it to my lesson.

I started the class off as usual giving them a mad minutes drill. The prank began. I stood outside the classroom door and greet each student and gave them the mad minute drill handout. The mad minutes drill was a 3rd Grade subtraction handout. I collected the drill and moved on. I had my room set up; all the manipulatives, crayons, rulers, chart paper, markers and everything that they would need. I even made an addition anchor chart and posted it in the classroom.

The next phase of the prank was a group challenge. The prizes were an item from the treasure box, PBIS dollars or a cake emoticon (made by me). My students were EXCITED! Each step had a picture showing the students what to do. I returned their paper and flipped it over.

Step 1 was to move your desk to the side of the room. Step 2 (circle time) - bring group materials and huddle together with your group on the floor. Step 3 - write your group name/number and each member of the group on your chart paper. Step 4 - use the manipulatives to perform the operation (I displayed a model on the smart board). Step 5 - show all your work on your groups poster. Step 6 - complete the worksheet and copy the worksheet onto the chart paper. They had 2 minutes to solve 4 questions and copy it onto the chart paper.

I had another teacher sitting in the back and recording it. I then introduced the teacher as the guest judge and he picked the winner. I then told the winning group that they will pick their prize 8th period. I didn't let my first class know that it was a prank because I had them again 8th period and I had my other class after lunch so I didn't want them to tell my other class that I pranked them. I had the winning groups go to the smart board and pick the gift that they want. Once they touch the prize (any prize)...APRIL FOOLS popped up.

They all were shocked and said "Ms. Walker that was good. I just got it". emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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