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The Solar Dryer and I bought the Shoes!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yesterday --for the first time this Spring----I HUNG OUT THE CLOTHES-
--on the line-----outside-----
I'm emphasizing this-----well--to brag--a bit!

No-one-----it seems--for miles around , hangs out laundry--
The line extends from the deck, overlooking the lake, out, towards the lake---
It used to go from a tree, to the deck---but----the breeze is better over the lake----

As a kid, my sister and I, in the summer, at our cottage in Port Stanley, hung out lines and lines of sheets----each line held up with a board---I used to hate hanging out clothes---
I still hate hanging out clothes---(if the fact be known!)--
--it's time consuming-----but ----(that big "butt"!)---I don't have to support Ontario Power companies as much--- the "Solar Dryer "-to the rescue!

Yesterday, " I bought the shoes"-----they helped overcome a stressful day previously---
They were half price-------- so-----
To-day I shall SPARK up a storm!----
Will you?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1328 days ago
    LOL--you brought back wonderful early memories.... When my son was an infant we stayed up in British Columbia for the winter...when the dryer broke...with no parts available anytime soon, it was time to hang the wash. Yep...fresh, freeze dried diapers!!
    One of our neighbors had a log cabin with an A-Frame high ceiling. When I went to visit she guided me around the side of the kitchen/dining room area to go sit down, explaining: "I just hung the wash--don't go right across the room. Its still dripping." Looking up, there was a wonderful square drying rack, criss-crossed with lines of rope and freshly washed clothes...hoisted to the ceiling with a pulley rope system on the wall!! Amazing how we can accommodate to meet the necessities of Life!!
    1332 days ago
    I love solar powered drying of bedding. As far as jeans and undies- give me the dryer please: emoticon

    emoticon New shoes! Whoo Hoo!

    1332 days ago
    I love the smell of air dried clothes. So fresh and clean smelling.
    1332 days ago
    Love the fresh smell of clothes dried outside. Our old clothesline pole fell down (poles rotted away) & was not replaced, despite pleadings from the womenfolk in the family. I still live in hope. In the meantime, the wash is dried indoors on two large racks.
    1332 days ago
    Our city does not allow the use of clotheslines... You gave me the idea to start a petition!
    1332 days ago
    We only have a clothesline, no dryer. In winter, when the clothes would freeze outside, we hang them indoors on a rack and on the stair railings. (And occasionally all over the house on hangers!) But since we heat with a wood stove, the added humidity in the air from hanging clothes indoors to dry is very welcome. Haven't used a dryer in 15 years now! Nothing like the smell of clothes off the line...
    1332 days ago
  • JANET552
    The smell of line dried clothes is worth every minute. Congrats on the shoes and, yes, I plan to spark up my day.
    1332 days ago
    I wish I had a "solar dryer"! I should see about getting one! Woo hoo! New shoes! Always awesome 😃
    1332 days ago
    1332 days ago
    Love the smell of line dried clothe/sheets! Congrats on 2 pair of shoes!
    1332 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    It's wonderful to hang clothes out to dry - good for the environment - and you get exercise. Hard to believe that it is a different in municipalities as to whether you can actually do it anymore or not or that there are specific guidelines in doing so. Mississauga received 14 complaints - only 14 - and yet chose to make restrictions to the practice - unbelievable!!!
    1332 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Blowing on embers today, but the fire's not out yet!
    1332 days ago
    My next-door neighbour was quite horrified when I suggested I might get a clothesline. She said I should check with the Township to find out if they were allowed in our part of town. I love the smell of clothes dried outdoors.
    1332 days ago
    1332 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1332 days ago
    I use our solar dryer all year round & only use the electric dryer when it is too damp to hang things out. Of course, I like to save money when possible. However, to me the two best parts of hanging clothing out to dry, or to air, is the smell of clothing after drying outdoors & I just plain & simply enjoy the action of hanging cloths out. Interestingly enough our eldest feels the same about hanging clothing out to dry.

    My in-laws used to laugh about bringing sheets in that had frozen on the line. In that case, I thought why hang them out in the first place? emoticon

    Walking shoes?

    God bless your day real good, sweet Lynda!
    1332 days ago
    I not only have a solar dryer, I also have a wringer washer at our cabin in Alaska! Love them!
    1332 days ago
    emoticon on your new pairs of shoes!!!
    We barely use the dryer here, only during the worst part of the rainy season. It's always 'solar dryer' emoticon
    1333 days ago
    Yay two pairs of shoes!!

    And line-dried clothes smell so nice!!
    1333 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I do SAME as you but I have done it for a few times already so I BEAT you! emoticon emoticon emoticon but for me it's the ONLY way to go....must be our ages??? LOL

    LOVE your pansies...they have ALWAYS been like my fav, since a little girl and our neighbor had them...I was mesmerized by the little faces!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1333 days ago
    Solar power, that's cute. My mom always hung out the sheets, weather permitting. I remember how good they smelled. If I had a clothes line now, the girls (4 legged) would have a party with the bedding. I'll stick to electric for now. :)
    1333 days ago
    My mother used to hang out clothes. The lines ran from the house over the driveway and down the back yard to the detached garage. She had three wooden boards and one metal pole to hold up the lines. On summer days when there was no laundry I would used the boards and pole to lay out "rooms" in the driveway, drag my toy furniture up from the basement, and play "house" with them. Mother always complained mightily about having to carry the heavy baskets of wet wash up the stairs from the basement where the clothes washer was- an old type that had to be filled with a hose and had a hand-cranked wringer on it. And she never let me near the task - that was her domain and she darn well wanted it to herself. Dad finally bought her a set of automatic washer and dryer. Occasionally she would hang sheets on the line for awhile and then the whole line thing disappeared. That's a good thing, because when I was 12 my folks were both in a TB sanitarium for awhile. (I lived with others - different story.) Anyway, my dad got out first, and I was home on weekends with him - and had to do the laundry for my dad. (Women's work, regardless of age.) Those clothes would never have gotten done if I had to use the old washer and the lines Thanks for the memories!
    1333 days ago
  • no profile photo HEALTHY-VICKI
    It used to be the only way to dry clothes. We only used our dryer during the Winter months if the clothes stood a chance of freezing on the lines. emoticon
    1333 days ago
    good for you for using the solar dryer!
    1333 days ago
    It is great when the solar dryer is available for use.

    Great savings there... two for one.. sounds like an excellent buy.

    wishing you another great day
    1333 days ago
    One time I was hanging out the laundry when my kids were little and some wasps had made a home in the metal pole holding up the clothesline. They flew out and one stung me in the neck. I watched my tiny children playing a few feet away and felt my throat close off quickly. No air. But it opened up just as quickly. I was saying many prayers of thanks for a long time after. We lived out in the country where no neighbors would have noticed and I was worried about my little ones even as the throat closed off. What would they do if I collapsed! So grateful we had a happy ending that day.

    Well, that is what hanging out laundry to dry brings to my mind. I use the dryer now!
    1333 days ago
    Once our rainy pattern moves out, the sheets will be on the line. I love the fresh air smell!
    1333 days ago
    I remember helping my mom hang out clothes when I was a kid. She made it "our girl time: since I only had brothers and it was special to me. She was always so busy helping my dad at work and then once home it was dinner and homework so hanging clothes out on Saturday morning was our time to catch up. She used to sing while we were doing it and she had an even worse singing voice than I have but that did not stop her from singing. I used to hang out clothes here when I first moved here because there was this weird clothes line contraption in the yard so I used it. We took the thing out a year later. No one was hanging out their clothes to dry so I just stopped too. Sadly peer pressure and I succumbed to it. Not like me at all. Truth to tell, the dryer was just easier. emoticon

    As for the shoes as my younger daughter would say....you only bought 2 pairs? She would have cleaned out the store. She is a shoeaholic and a shopaholic. Dangerous combination for a young lady with limited income. Oh I forgot...she comes to her pushover mom to pay for her shopping sprees. emoticon I found a store online that has the most comfortable shoes I ever had. I know my size, I know they will fit so I just order them if I need a new pair which is almost never since the shoes seem to last for quite a long time. Enjoy your new shoes!!!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!
    1333 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/20/2016 8:40:49 AM
  • EISSA7
    What a memory! Haven't thought of the clothes line pole for 50 years!! Why did clean sheets always attract birds? Enjoy your Wednesday!
    1333 days ago
  • RDEE22
    A solar dryer is the only dryer I have. Love the sunny fresh smell of the clothes. Great i can do it 12 months of the year. emoticon
    1333 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Ohh Lynda, I used to love hanging out the wash! Especially on a windy day, when they'd dry quickly and smell so fresh! How wonderful that you have a clothes line so close to the lake!

    What kind of shoes did you get? I can't find the ones I always wear, seems that styles change all the time, even if I don't! lol
    emoticon emoticon
    1333 days ago
    I like it when I can use my solar dryer. I wish I had a line but I figure the umbrella type is better than none.
    1333 days ago
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