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im walking on sunshine, literally!!! (not a rant).

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This blog is my own personal thoughts, opinions and personal experience, and I am not suggesting anyone go against their own beliefs, or doctors advice, althought, maybe it will make you listen a little closer to the things your doctors offer you in way of preventative medicines......or the lack thereof!!!

The last four days I have sat outside in the sunshine. I am happy to report this news.
I have a vitamin d definency and I never knew, or understood until I started researching this. I had never been questioned about that possiblity, although, it can lead to weight gain, brittle bones, etcccccc.......

You know how when you start getting healthy and losing weight, one goal for so many is to eliminate some of the pills they take everyday.
Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.
Well, increasing your vitamin d can do wonders for your health.
I had no idea, it can help you lose weight. It can help you sleep better, it can help with aches and pains. Fertility problems. Eyesight problems can be improved with vitamin d.
I could go on and on.
I discovered all of this when I broke my foot, while walking, in Jan 2013.
My foot wouldnt heal, and surgery wasnt an option. due to the location of the break.
So.....they tested my vtiamin d and told me it was 17!!!
It was only after I began taking very high doses vitamin d, example, 50,000iu weekly, and 10,000iu daily that I began to heal. And was able to get back to my routine of walking for health.
Normal vitamin d levels.....well, that varies according to who is telling you.
Most medical doctors will tell you that 40 + is normal.
But I try to keep mine closer to 70.

I am not a professional medical person, so I cannot advise anyone, but I can tell you, vitamin d3 only!!!!
Vitamin d2, or ergocalciferol is NOT the vitamin d your body needs.
Yet doctors will continue to prescribe it. My conspiracy theory kicks in and makes me think, hmmmm, maybe they do that, because they dont want you to heal from alot of those ailments that keeps you coming back to them and their array of pills.
Or, maybe they just arent trained to spot vitamin defiencies.
But vitamin d3 in gel form is sold otc in almost any store.
That and a daily, where and when possible of SUNSHINE is a must to obtain good health.
Not only does it increase your vitamin d, but it improves your outward appearance, it improves your outlook and disposition.
I get so ticked off when I hear or read that we should avoid tanning or the sun.
This ad ticked me off so bad, while driving in my car, I wanted to call someone and give them a piece of my mind.
From the AMERICAN DERMATOLOGY WHOEVER....avoid tanning, avoid the sun, dont get cancer!!!
Bull Baloney!!! They want you to stay out of the sun because they say it is dangerous, yet, they want you to agree to be lasered???? I mean, they sure dont want to lose patients.
I will probably meet with some disagreement on this, but show me PROOF POSITIVE that the sun causes cancer?????
If that is the case, no one would ever get cancer!!!!

Now, I will ask you this, if the sun is the CAUSE of some cancers, why isnt that on those long forms doctors have you fill out?
Next time you fill one out, check to see, do they ask, has any family member ever died from sun exposure or taking to much vitamin d????
No, but they do ask about family history, because some people are more prone to develop cancer due to carrying a gene.
Now, yes, I have read alot about this and IF you already carry certain genes in your body and are more prone to develop cancers, you may very well develop skin cancer from too much exposure to the sun or tanning beds.
There is really no way to know if you carry that gene or not unless you are tested, and most doctors will not test unless you for that unless there is a real risk, such as, a woman whose mom, sisters, aunts, etc have had breast cancer.
Some doctors will offer the test, but most wont, you have to ask and then hope your insurance will agree to pay.
Most wont, because they CANT drop you based on that and if it turns out you have that gene, and possibly could develop cancer, they are going to have to pay for treatments. The patient can sue them if they drop you.
It is a sad world we live in when doctors and insurance companies work against your health.

So, personally, I choose to try my best to eat healthy, exercise, drink my water, sleep as well as possible, and take my vitamins. And enjoy an hour in the sun every day that I it is available to me.

It is my own personal opinion and belief, that whatever higher power, or whatever it is that put us here, had some insight to help us maintain life.
Plants, water and the sun, those are the things our bodies need to survive.
No, I am not suggesting anyone spend hours in the hot sun until their skin blisters and burns until it hurts. That is not good for anyone. But 20 minutes, 30, or even 60 minutes in the sun isnt going to harm you.
Other than to possibly cause a burn according to your skin tone....just use lotions, and NOT sunscreen that blocks out the rays you need for vitamin d.
Sunscreen is full of dangerous chemicals. Another thing doctors and especially dermatologist will not tell you.
And we all know that chemo therapy is chemical poison pumped into the human body to kill a cancer.
That is a very backward way of thinking.

If you must use lotions to keep your skin from drying out, look for more natural lotions or oils.
I personally use coconut oil, mix it with a little water and mist it onto the skin.
Makes your skin glow and smell great!!!
Well, as stated, these are my own personal opinions, there is tons of articles online about vitamin d and how it benefits your health.
As well as articles pertaining to cancer risks, not that many will tell you what I have.
Doctors will be sitting at home, twiddling their fingers, if they tell you these things.
There is no money to be made in a cure for anything. Only in treatments and in years and years of patients coming to get their pills.
I am only sharing my own thoughts and opinions.
Do what is best in your own opinions and just try to think outside the box that is your doctors office.
Have a glorious day.
I am going to go get my daily dose of sunshine.
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    emoticon Using what the Lord provides is healthier than the chemicals. When we look at the health declines in the population over the last hundred years, most of them can be contributed to "progress". We don't walk anymore, we drive. We don't grow our own food, we get it from corporate farmers. Our water is floridated, and so on.

    While I have a great respect for medicine when it is needed, 90% of what we need isn't medicine it is healthy food.

    1652 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    "A real friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out
    ~ Denis Waitley

    Make today the greatest day of your lifeā€¦.
    emoticon Until tomorrow!

    1654 days ago
  • DYANNE4293
    Great rant! I suffer from Vitamin D deficiency too.
    1654 days ago
    1654 days ago
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