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Home sweet Home ?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm not a good traveller----
I envy people who can leave their wee part of the world, for weeks on end, and head off to multi countries--
Himself and I are happy in a new environment-a vacation spot---for about 3 days----then it's off home for us!
We used to enjoy being away----Our house was smaller then, and a hotel room--or two, was a happy replacement to our home, 'specially with an entourage of 5 and more children, which we lugged along with us.

Perhaps it comes with age---
Perhaps it's not wanting to board the Germans (as in dogs)----
German Shepherds, being very territorial, do not do well in a kennel---
Perhaps it has something to do with living where we do, and having to change 'planes several times to arrive at a destination---
Maybe it has something to do with Himself trying to get me up the steps in the Toronto Airport the last time we vacationed!

Lord love a Duck!
--Your mindset changes as one ages----

Now if someone could just lift us up----and plant us in a resort---and avoid all the hallabaloo preparing for a trip, I just might do it---plus take care of 2 Germans---keep the grass cut, shovel the snow--vacuum---keep the water pump going---the power on----
-----not going to happen is it?
And maybe that is OK!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm the opposite - I'd love to downsize so that we could travel more. Since Peter borders on being a hoarder, the downsizing will probably never happen (he says he wants to stay here until he goes out feet first in a box).
    I could be quite happy with a 3-bedroom bungalow half the size of this house... it would be so much easier to keep clean and he would have to get rid of a lot of "stuff".

    Ah well... at least he wants to travel too, so I don't complain too much.

    1330 days ago
    I love traveling, but hate the hotel rooms, airports and lines. That is what prompted us to buy a motorhome 5 years ago and live in it full time. No lines, no strange beds, and our critters could go! Sadly, health put a new wrinkle in our life and now we have the duties associated with a house- new roofs, cleaning and weeding. Getting to a new normal was an adjustment. But it is what it is and we have a new dream!
    1330 days ago
    I don't blame you, I am not fond of travel either. It would be great if you could find a good place and travel with the Gremans.
    1330 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    I'm much the same as you Lynda! Even going away for a weekend to the cottage is like preparing to be away for a week - we just move slower as we age no matter how fit we are and it takes us a lot longer to get everything done - sometimes it just easier to stay at home with the day-to-day routine!
    1331 days ago
    Hate travelling but love getting away once I'm there (not the return travel part though). For every vacation we lose a day at the beginning and a day at the end . . . and we also really like our home. There's no better place to be than Canada in spring, summer and fall. And I like winter too. However in the middle of winter that week or so of sunshine is very welcome.
    1331 days ago
    I love my home too and have lost the desire to travel very far or for very long. My DH's parents did love to travel for months at a time, and since they had a beautiful home on a beautiful lake, there was always a relative willing to live there for the required time to keep it up and enjoy. The volunteers said it was like being on vacation but going to work everyday. It wasn't quite close enough for our kids to get to school or activities, so we were not one of the lucky families. But that was OK with me!
    1331 days ago
    Ain't it the truth!? I enjoyed my trip, but also glad to be home! emoticon
    1331 days ago
    I use to dream going to foreign countries and travel all over the world. Now I see pictures of places I want to visit that are so full of tourists that the lines you need to stand in to see anything take hours. Nope. I rather stay home. I could see anything I want on the internet. I don't need airports, schlepping luggage around and spend $$$$$ on food that probably was made without washed hands. HA! SO I agree with you!
    1331 days ago
    I'm with you. I don't mind going away for the day or over night. The thought of packing millions of things that perhaps are the wrong ones, planes are out of my head etc. A day fishing is ideal. A visit to children's home terrific. That's it for me.
    1331 days ago
    emoticon Wherever the person feels happy is the right place to be!
    1331 days ago
    I prefer the convenience of home. If there was some way to take all those "home" conveniences with us, I'd quite happily enjoy the sights & sounds of other parts of the planet. emoticon

    God bless your day, Lynda!

    1331 days ago
    Are you being forced to travel? If not, then don't! If you are happy at home, and why wouldn't you be, stay!
    1331 days ago
    I used to love to travel but now not so much. I hate boarding my fur babies, they just don't like it. But I will make be making a trip to Dallas for 4 days for VFW Convention, not a vacation.
    1331 days ago
    Your home is so beautiful! I can understand you hate to leave it. And the dogs would miss you so much...
    1331 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Who needs to travel when you live on such a beautiful lake!?!
    1331 days ago
    The age thing - maybe that's it - to a point - for some of us. He always talked about traveling. But like you - and others - once we are gone about 3 days we are ready to go home again. We used to go from Denver to Phoenix for a week of Colorado Rockies spring training. Had a great time. But after 3 days? We were antsy. Maybe we are just worried about what is going on at home. As you said, has the power gone off? Are the dogs OK? And as mentioned by others, the costs have skyrocketed - and didn't you just post something the other day about struggling to pay bills?

    Maybe when we dream of traveling at this age we are dreaming of traveling back in time, to when we were younger and had more energy and didn't have aches and pains.that made it hard to move around. Maybe we also dream of possibilities we wish we had taken or life paths we wish we had walked. Travel can have a lot of meanings.

    But we are who we are, where we are. Dreams of travel are lovely. We just can't confuse them with reality. You live in a wonderful reality. Enjoy it!

    1331 days ago
    Could also be that your lovely home on the like is a great place to be! emoticon
    1331 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    It's the age thing Lynda, the age thing.

    Plus you have a gazillion things keeping you occupied at home. Plus you have such a beautiful home in such a beautiful spot - why would you want to go anywhere else?
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1332 days ago
    I find it less appealing to travel now with all the unrest in the world. If I could blink my eyes to get there and home again, I would have a wonderful time.
    1332 days ago
    Jump on a plane for the weekend with your son emoticon
    1332 days ago
    It sounds like you might be planning a trip? I don't like the travel part. I like to see other places but I don't like the 'getting there' event. Daughter and I are driving to Gatlinburg, Tennessee on Sunday. We will be there until Friday. I am looking forward to having time with her. We have never had a mother/daughter trip.
    1332 days ago
    Sounds familiar. my excuse for not traveling... not so much fun all alone. but truth be told.. I cannot think of any other place than home that I want to be... at least enough to cough up the $$ and lose the convenience of having all my things close to hand. I am content to be "HOME".
    1332 days ago
    AGreed! If it were as simple as a twitch of the nose (Think Samantha in BEWITHED or a bob of the head (think Jeannie in I DREAM OF JEANNIE) and we'd be somewhere else w/o the hassle, I'd be GONE . . . NOW. But doesn't work that way, does it!

    Mr. Spot would NOT fare well being boarded, either. **SIGH** But he's such a good little guy, and deserves a good life, it's worth it.

    HUGS and here's to Thursday. Do you see the weekend yet? ALMOST time for weekend warrior baby! emoticon
    1332 days ago
  • RDEE22
    My home is where me and my "Himself " is at that point in time. Could be a tent, camper, shed or our house. emoticon
    1332 days ago
    I am a homebody myself but we have 17 dogs total to worry about. Makes it kind of hard To live for even a day.
    1332 days ago
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