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Thursday, April 28, 2016

I've learned a couple things today!

First, I think I've come up with the greatest morning routine to fit my needs. Don't ask me why it took so freaking long... emoticon
I started with a small protein shake, some reduced sugar vanilla almond milk and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Then I put in a load of laundry (seriously, this or other small cleaning will be part of the routine to let my stuff settle a little and actually accomplish other tasks - something that only takes a couple minutes, like loading the dishwasher, etc.) Then I did a workout. I kept it small for two reasons: 1) when reaching down to get my shoes something went wrong with my lower back and now it's evening and i'm in horrible pain. It hurt while I was working out but I was careful (it was dance cardio, no bending luckily). I've done a pain relief cream, pain killers, nap and it's still horrible. It seems to happen once or twice a year, especially when I haven't been working out and strengthening should be better in a few days. anyway, so that was one reason, then 2) I'm always tempted to push myself hard at the beginning of getting back into working out. I've been active as in walking/hiking, but I haven't done my workout videos in ages, so I'm just jumping back in with them. So if I push really hard right at the beginning I tend to overexert and end up either discouraged about doing poorly or so overly exhausted I don't want to do it again, etc. So I did 2 ten minute segments and called it quits for this morning. I'll be up to 30, 40, 50 minutes soon, I don't need to rush! (If anyone has missed my uber-rambley blogs...congratulations, I'm back! haha)
Then I made/ate breakfast. It took longer than usual this morning because I also hardboiled some eggs to have on hand. Then I showered, got dressed, threw the laundry in the dryer and headed to work.
It was the perfect mix of spacing stuff out and getting stuff accomplished. I usually fix a good breakfast (after my son gets on the bus) sit down and watch tv while I eat it. like a dvr'd show. But then first off I'm done eating and continue to sit and watch the show until it's over, also using the excuse that my stomach is full and it needs to settle more before working out. Then I'm rushing and running late since it all has taken so long, etc.
If I workout without eating anything...well it just doesn't work for me for a few reasons. So the plan for my preworkout first breakfast is small protein shake or banana or hardboiled egg, etc. then oatmeal and peanut butter mixed or oatmeal and some yogurt on the side for 2nd breakfast, something along those lines. The great thing too is that this is a routine I can keep going in the summer! And now that my son is older I can easily have him do something else as I work out or we can go hike together, etc. go for a bike ride/walk...

Okay, the other thing I learned is sitting at home with no specific tasks makes me want to snack right away. If I want something sweet, crystal light works wonders.

So after I did the above morning routine, I headed to work. 15 minutes in the school nurse called - my son was sick and i needed to get him. So I did that and headed home and immediately wanted to snack. I held off and had a yogurt. still wanted a snack, by that time it was lunch anyway so I heated up my leftovers from last nights healthy dinner and ate. I kept wanting something sweet but I really didn't...I saw my little squeeze bottle of crystal light so I filled a glass of water, squirted some was heavenly and it made me drink more water. I don't like doing a lot of artificial sweeteners, but I do like crystal light when I'm being more health focused. I hardly ever drink pop or juice, it's usually water, tea or occasional coffee, so it helps with those sweet cravings, I don't really have to count anything, and I get the bonus of getting more water in. Win/win!

So now I have a plan for mornings to be in a healthy routine, and I've learned to use the crystal light. I mean, once I start drinking it chocolate sounds kind of gross, so...hey, if it helps :)

I also clicked on the "apps" icon of sparkpeople, upper right corner, and found out about pep, so I'm going to start using that - looks fun! I also downloaded a couple recipe apps to explore.

Also...I made a new weight goal, got that all refreshed - next will be my goals on the side of my page. I weighed today and entered it, did some math and found that I could possibly be to my ultimate goal weight by my sons birthday, not this fall but next fall. That's awesome motivation right there. and by this birthday (7 yo) I could be down a big chunk. so I'm making some date goals kind of as motivation. I'll tweak them as I go to keep them realistic and not get all down if a date comes and I'm nowhere close if I've stalled out. And I'm going to list 5# increments and then enter the dates as I hit them (on my sp page).

I'm feeling hopeful because I haven't been gorging and non active and suddenly back on here out of disgust (I've been there a few times in the past), but I'm here because I was making smart choices only 1/2 the time, and I've been active but not as much as I should be. So now it's about increasing the healthy habits I've already established. It feels more logical and stable and not as emotionally driven. Which, for me, works much better. I'm viewing it as needing baby steps and a very long term/life plan, not desperately needed to drop weight quickly. It's refreshingly hopeful. emoticon

So I am hoping many of my old friends will join me, again, on this journey. I think it's going to be a good one. I've learned a lot from all of my past attempts and I think I've had to go through this to learn all of that to take a more wise approach this time. We shall see!

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