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just sayin' ... somebody just push me over the edge would ya!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I can see Onederland on the horizon. I have been weighing in at 200 1/2 and 201 for over two weeks now ... somebody just push me over the edge would ya!!!!

I have lost and gained a kajillion pounds over the years ... soooooo I guess my body is confused:

Is she serious??
Is she really gonna do it THIS time???
What in the heck are we gonna do with her IF she makes it????????

In 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided I wasn't gonna die fat so I started losing weight. I lived so ... I got both of my wrecked knees replaced at the end of that year ... I replaced both at the same time ... and finished up the year at 202. I lost 58 pounds.

I went back to work after my knee surgery ... where I was much hated by my boss and truly reciprocated the feeling and gained almost all of it back before retiring in 2013. I showed HIM!!!

In 2014, I got serious and lost 55 pounds weighing in at 205. Then I had a brain fart and gained almost alllll of it back during the summer and fall of 2015. I jumped head first mouth wide open into pounds and pounds of York Mint Patties and Peanut M&Ms and 1/2 gallon cartons and cartons of my beloved Blue Bell Carmel Turtle Fudge ice cream.

So once again, I dusted myself off and I have lost 60 pounds since November 1, 2015 getting me to 200 1/2 - 201 bringing me back to my request ... just push me, shove me NOW over the edge!!!

I have transformed during the last 6+ months painfully relearning that sugar for me is the enemy, carbs are a condiment and if God made it ... that's what goes in my mouth. By reading and rereading Linda Spangle's books and "working" her plan here on Sparks 100 Days forum several times ... and moving my body a lot DAILY ... I feel fantastic and that I CAN do this.

I need your help to prove to my body I really, really, REALLY mean it.

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