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just sayin' ... you have a choice

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I am in a funk today. I decided to by honest and document what the scale really says for weigh-in Sunday ... 205.5 ... that's a 5 pound gain!!!! I have a low thyroid and seasonal water retention especially when I am in humid environments and St Louis is killing me. My hands and feet are sooooo swollen I don't want to take a step. Doc has me on Lasix every other day ... but as she predicted ... I have terrible rebound effects so I am not really sure what to do. Last year I gained 10 pounds in water that stayed with me for months and begged to get on meds. Now every other day I am more miserable.

I am weeding through old magazines ... yep I am a magazine hoarder ... and came across two articles in different mags ... question your way to success.

Simply asking yourself something like "Will I exercise today?" could significantly boost your odds of squeezing in a workout. People who used this questioning technique were much more likely to follow through with an intended healthy behavior, according to a recent review. When you stop to ask yourself a specific question ... like "Do I need another piece of bread right now?" ... you recognize that YOU have a choice and that leads to healthier decisions, says cognitive behavioral therapist Michelle Maidenberg.

Instead of telling yourself "I will" turn it into a question, as in "Will I?". New research reveals that people who ask themselves "Will I" questions as in "Will I complete this goal?" are more successful than those who use standard affirmations like I WILL complete this goal?". The reason? By suggesting you have a choice, it subconsciously helps you buy into a goal instead of just feeling you should do it, says study leader Dolores Albarrachin, PhD. So you are not only more emotionally invested in doing what you need to, you are more apt to take the small steps that will get you where you want to go.

Soooooo ... Will I let today's weigh-in control my self worth for the whole week???? You have a choice!!!!

NO ... I know what I am doing to reach my goals. This water weight will come back off!!!

Day 212 of being on track!!!
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