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Day 2

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Day 2 began at 7:30 AM with a detailed description of Nola's first night of Karate!!!!! It is so good that my husband and I DID NOT go along, because we would have been asked to leave. She had all of the other parents in stitches. The class consisted of 8 students and Nola was one of the younger at 4 years of age. The very first thing she did was to wrap her arms around the instructor's legs in a death grip. When the instructor detached her from her leg, she immediately grabbed her very long pony tail (not pulling it, but wanting contact). The students finally settled down and were told to stand in a circle. A little boy came in late and stood next to Nola. He kept staring at her and then put his arm around her shoulders and tried to kiss her. Nola told him to "Back Off." (third laugh from the crowd). Then the instructor told them to do 25 Jumping Jacks. She hasn't learned to count to 25 yet and had NEVER done a Jumping Jack. Her Daddy said she looked like a "Crazed Wind-mill'. (fourth laugh from the crowd). Then she had to learn to do push-ups (which she showed us this morning and they looked a bit like a worm movement) followed by rolls, and bowing. She was so frustrated with all of the new movements thrown at her in a matter of minutes, that she sat down on the floor and refused to move. The instructor picked her up and carried her over to her parents (all the way over to her parents, she was scowling and her lip was way out) (fifth laugh from the crowd). It sounded like a complete nightmare to me, but our son said that none of the kids were very comfortable and he felt like for the first night, it really wasn't so bad. Also, all of the exercises and movements are supposed to be worked on at home before the next class. After reading this, it sounded like the other parents were being mean by laughing at Nola, but she is extremely funny and she was NOT the only student who was frustrated. Our son said that if he could have taped it, it would have won Funniest Home Videos. It should be interesting..........

Our second day went well. We spent the morning making pancakes for breakfast, followed by an Art project done with the girls with instruction from my husband (who was an Art teacher). After lunch, we went to the Park in a town about 7 miles from us. It is a beautiful park on a lake with lots of slides and other playground equipment. We had to leave by 3:30 as Elizabeth had swim team practice from 4 to 5 PM. We did lots of walking (I even managed to keep up for most of it) and the girls were actually tired when we left the Park.

Stay tuned for Day 3.

I am going to emoticon now.
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