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Crazy thoughts on a rainy day!

Monday, June 06, 2016

There is not much on TV these days.
In fact, most nights now, I don't even bother to turn it on.
This might be why the weight is falling away from the ol' body.
Because, when I sit in that easy chair, with the TV blaring forth, in the evenings, kinda in an exhausted trance, almost all the commercials are about food----foods saturated in fats---foods that might have one calling for a take-out----

Around noon, when Himself appears for lunch and the TV goes on again ----(He is a tennis fanatic!)---there is a most upsetting commercial-----about (Now get this!)----
--a Nursing home Ad------
--poor Mom-------I always wonder if "'MOM"" was consulted-----or, did the family just put her into their Nursing care place--sorta to get her packed away --before she goes to never never land?-

Entertaining ones self without a TV is not a challenge in this house---
Exercise--the Treadmill on a rainy day--playing the piano---cooking applesauce -or -a beef stew--- walking a German (as in dog)- -asking himself to try to clean out the garage -(for the 49th million time!)---and Sparking---- reading blogs and hearing how other Sparkly People are becoming healthy!
Lord love a Duck!-----

Well----another reason to just get offa Spark--- I just received a messagE from Coach Jen--to remove a picture---with a swear word in it-- It said--"'Eat like ----S___T
"Feel like --s__T"
--kinda--give me a break eh!---
--She said someone complained--- Lord Love A Duck!----as if I'm an evil person!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Don't leave because someone complained. You entertain the rest of us! Have a fabulous day!!
    1277 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Mine have been even crazier! I have not had internet at all for three days so madly catching up AGAIN!

    I can live with no tv, and no phone but NOT my computer time!

    1277 days ago
    Well, to play the horned one's advocate.... I had to place my dad in an assisted living facility without consulting him. I simply do not have room or the ability to care for him, well, I didn't.... I wish I could've! And, the person who complained can just eat $h*t him or herself! glad you found plenty to do on a rainy day!
    1278 days ago
    great blog sorry they told you off about a word cant understand what they want at times please donot leave Spark will miss your blogs
    1278 days ago
    Glad we don't have a TV or children to hurry us off to the Home!
    1278 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Love your blogs....do NOT even think of leaving Spark! Here is my philosophy: IF you do not agree with/like what a blogger says, QUIT reading!!! Duh!
    1278 days ago
    Keep busy dear, the Germans will help you I'm sure! I like your pictures, it is too bad someone complained about one.
    1279 days ago
  • DALID414
    I don't like that mom commercial. My momma has depression and I still don't think to hand her over to someone else to care for her!
    1279 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    1279 days ago
    I listen to the TV since I'm the only one here most of the time it's just for the noise.

    Liked your Crazy thoughts on a rainy day. Don't let one rule cause you to get offa Spark. We'd miss you.
    1279 days ago
    I'm much more of a radio person. If I have the tv on in the evening I'm doing something else at the same time. Listening more than watching, if that.
    1279 days ago
    I listen to rather than watch TV... for the most part... and I've gone to a lot of Netflix: no commercials!

    1279 days ago
    You are a HILARIOUS person . . . no kidding.

    And like you I'm not much of a TV fan.
    1279 days ago
    emoticon Oh well, no 'bad' words here, eh? emoticon
    Though I agree with all the things we have to do daily, I still enjoy watching TV (Netflix or appleTV).
    1279 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    The commercial that you referred to drive me up the walls!

    I guess we have to monitor our words Very Closely. I have a number of Spark Friends who have gotten the same message. Personally, I love your graphics and your sense of humor. emoticon
    1279 days ago
    Sorry you got zapped! emoticon Your sense of humor is always a bright spot. It's 87 degrees here at almost 3 pm going up to 91!! I love the sunny days. emoticon
    1279 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/6/2016 4:52:36 PM
    Think it's good that they keep the website as clean as possible, even though very few would be shocked by what you said. Oh well, live and learn, right?

    Have a great day!
    1279 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Having been TV free for some six plus years, its a positive thing for sure, stopped my bad snacking habit cold.
    Yes, you cannot say bad words on Spark. If one slips in your words, you will get a message to remove it before being allowed to post. They are trying to keep this site clean. The Disneyland of websites!
    Enjoy your day!
    1279 days ago
    Sorry you got zapped. I don't imagine there are many people out there who haven't heard that word. They must be very sensitive. Try not to let them bother you.

    I hope to get another flower bed tidied up today, if the showers stay away. We had a thunderstorm and heavy rain last evening, then a beautiful rainbow against a dark sky.

    Hugs, Gail
    1279 days ago
    Sorry you got zapped by the 'Holier than Thou" police. Meanwhile... try to enjoy your 'crazy' 'rainy' day

    1279 days ago
    LOL I know.... I use $ when i spell that word! LOL
    1279 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1279 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Well, one does feel like sh*t if one eats like sh*t! Sometimes truth hurts, I guess.

    My mom used to quote that only 5% of older people need to go to a place. Don't know where she got that figure. They decided to stay in their home and hire work done rather than move.
    1279 days ago
    I love reading your blogs...you make me smile each time! I thank you for that!

    Lord love a duck for certain about the little curse word...some people are missing their sense of humor! Hope they find it!
    1279 days ago
    Oh my gosh . . . that removing your picture for using the word shi* is a load of . . . well . . . MANURE! Hope that's a better word. Sheesh!

    As for the ad, A Place for Mom, have that ad all the time, but I will say this. They really did put me on the path of finding suitable places for Mom when the time comes (and with her Alzheimer's progressing, it is going to happen, sadly). It's a sad situation to say the least.

    HUGS and yup . . . time to step away from the tube and move!

    1279 days ago
    Ridiculous about the person complaining! Some people really have nothing to do...
    1279 days ago
    Now, that's the funniest thing I have heard today - something made me smile today! Maybe we change your name to LeanS**t6??? Oh Oh, now I'll have Coach Jen after me!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1279 days ago
    Lord love a duck is right!!but don't get me started on that one. I agree with you about the TV! I ditched mine about 30 years ago and haven't looked back. Haven't missed a bit so much more to life than watching TV
    1279 days ago
    You are not an evil person - but there is always one person in very crowd that has to complain about something. You are very motivational and frankly what the picture said was the truth. Not much of a TV person myself. Rather rent a movie or read a book. No commercials about food in books! emoticon
    1279 days ago
    My television stays off most of the time too. Wondering about pulling the plug completely... ???!!!! Keep up with all your efforts and enjoy the results!!
    1279 days ago
    Can't believe someone complained about a picture with the word S**t. I have definitely seen a lot worse. Don't let it worry you. Some people. I do have the TV on mostly for noise. Often on a music station. You are right there is not a lot on any more. Reality shows? I have plenty to do. I think most of us do. I don't like the Mom commercial either. At least I don't have any children to push me into one. But then I don't have any to help me either as I get older. Have a great week, get out and move and maybe we won't be going to the old folks home to soon.
    1279 days ago
    All those little no-nos. I have no issue with it but others do.
    I seldom turn the TV on-waste of my time.
    Have a great Monday!
    1279 days ago
    I'm not a big TV fan either. And there are always plenty of things to do here too. My himself puts the TV on a lot - and then sticks his nose in a book. I think he is trying to block out the world, blocking two senses of input. I used to take it personally but don't worry about it any longer. He is in a lot of pain now from pinched nerves in his lower back (seeing doctor this week) so I can overlook a lot of things. You are an inspiration to us all, Lynda. Thanks!
    1279 days ago
  • LOSER05
    1279 days ago
    I have seen that commercial about a place for mom. Hopefully my older daughter has not seen it yet or she may just be trying to place Mom AND Dad there. She is always talking to her two younger siblings as if we need placement in a home or something, worrying that Mom and Dad are "getting older" whatever she means by that. I guess she does not realize that IF I "go into a home" I will be retired and not working to pay off all her student loans. I think if I suggest retiring that will shut her up about my himself and me "getting older."

    I don't watch too much TV these days. As you said no much on and I either read or work on the baby afghan I am crocheting for the first grandchild expected in August. And kudos on the weight loss. Keep doing what you are doing...it is working!!
    1279 days ago
  • JWIND712
    Oh your funny thanks for sharing your humor
    1279 days ago
  • P42016
    Thank you for the smile today! emoticon
    1279 days ago
    Keep on keeping on!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."
    - Leonardo da Vinci
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Make today the greatest day of your lifeā€¦.
    emoticon Until tomorrow!
    1279 days ago
    Love your motivational pics!
    We have no TV here at the ranch....don't miss it at all.
    Have a lovely, cool rainy day!
    1279 days ago
    I like reading blogs about what others are doing to get/stay healthy. They are inspiring to me.
    1279 days ago
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