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its dim, but its a glimmer!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

They say it is darkest just before dawn.
I dont know about that. I am rarely awake that early.
But lets hope.
I wont go into detail right now, but there is a light at the end of the long dark tunnel of despair my family has been facing.
All I can say is, if you believe in prayer, if you believe in good vibes, or whatever it is, please send those thoughts for my family.
I will tell more when I know more.
I guess superstition is getting the better of me and I dont want to jinx anything.
But just keep hope alive!!!
In other news, I am on a quest to find a natural extermination for fleas.
Dont cringe, I havent seen any in my house, but I bathed my dog last night and after while cleaning out the tub, I noticed several in the water.
I put her collar on her and sprayed her with flea and tick spray, which I hate to use because she just wollers it off onto the carpets and her bedding.
But I dont like using the squeeze medicine on her as it makes her sick, makes her very agitated.
She is so small, only about 5 pounds, and it might be too strong for her.
I have been reading up about natural remedies, but seriously, plan to take her to the dog sitter for a night or two and give the living room a good shampooing and maybe spray.
I hope it was just a few she had picked up outside, but that is almost never the case, where there is one there are more and then they lay eggs.
Now I am cringing.
But anyone with an indoor pet has to face this at some point.
And finally, I have done pretty well today. Didnt walk this morning because I made the mistake of believeing the weather man when he said thunderstorms were moving over our area.
Now it is too hot.
But I got in a little mini weight workout and some aerobics.
I have done well today with my food, so far.
Wishing everyone a great day and dont forget to remember us in your well wishes.
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