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Monday, August 01, 2016

Today I got good news!!!!
Nothing like WHAM KABOOM, but just a good heart review.
I had an appointment with the cardiologist, and he asked me a leg long list of questions, did an ekg, and then told me he wanted to do a stress test.
We walked down the hallway, me answering questions about exercise, telling him I try to walk daily, when I dont have early doc appts to be at and such....
He asked me about how long I walk, I told him I try to do 3 miles every day that I walk and I try to walk at least 5 days a week.
He asked me if I thought I could walk 5 miles, I told him yes, I have before, but I was needing new shoes and once I pick a pair I probably can walk 5 miles.
We entered a hallway, me expecting to be taken into some lab type room, be hooked up to lodes and electrodes, etc.
But instead, we start walking upstairs.
We walk up 3 flights of stairs, talking the whole way.
He then pulls out his stethoscope and listens to my heart and my breathing.
Back down the steps we go, back to the room we started out from.
He tells me, that my bp is a little high and wants to try me on a new med.
But he says, that was my stress test. Walking upstairs and talking while I walked, to see how long it took me to get winded, etc.
He said he can tell just as much about a patient by their ability to walk up stairs as he can by putting them on a treadmill.
I was stunned.
I expected to be poked, prodded and attached to monitors and, all while half dressed.
He told me he wants to see me back in a few months to see how the bp meds work, and I will need to schedule an echo, just to make sure everything inside is good, but as far as he was concerned I was able to withstand alot more exercise and could start pushing for 5 miles.
He didnt dwell on my weight. But he did ask how much I have lost overall.
He told me that weight fluctuates with the weather and the time of day we get weighed.
Today my weight was up since Friday.

I told him how it seemed that way every Monday, he told me not to weigh on Monday and laughed lolol.
He told me not to be intimidated by some doctor who scolded me if my weight was up a couple of pounds and to always go by the scale I use the most, my own scale at home.
He said all scales are different and the ones in the doctors offices get used so much they arent always accurate.
He is my new favorite doctor of all time!!!!
(and, it didnt hurt that he wasnt bad on the eyes, if ya know what I mean lol, my heart mighta been racing a little already)!!!
Then I went to wally world in search of a new vacuum filter and wouldnt you know it was a wasted trip as they didnt have the one I needed.
Other than that, it has been a day of much of nothing.
Time to start cleaning house because I did little to nothing all weekend.
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