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Monday, September 12, 2016

Yesssss! This week I've lost another 3.2lbs! I literally cannot believe it! Double what I hope for each week. AND it's put me back into the 'overweight' category! (I should say, my final weight goal still has me in the overweight category. I'm 5'10 and curvy to say the least (booty for daysss!) and muscly, so I don't think that BMI scale really works for my body type. So I doubt I will be going any lower than the lower end of 'overweight'. But anyway....). I really just wanted to put down what I've done last week so I remember in the future to trust the process and Keto on!

1) KETO! Pure and simple. Stick with the ketogenic diet. So easy.

2) Intermittent fasting. I've been listening to my body this week and not just waking up and eating "because I should". I'm rarely hungry as soon as I wake up. Even if I go and do a workout in the morning, I'm still not hungry at all. I can drink some water and a huge mug of green tea and be absolutely fine. So this week I've been experimenting with eating dinner in the evening by about 8pm, and then not eating the next day until 11am/12pm. So about a 16 hour "fast". I'm not saying anyone else should do it, and it doesn't work every day (a couple of mornings I woke up ravenous so I ate), but it's what happened for me. And it also means that the two meals I do eat (lunch and dinner) can be nice and hefty so I don't ever feel like I'm depriving myself or eating "diet food" (hate that phrase!). Like today, the lunch I've prepared to break my fast around noon at work is about 750 calories, jampacked with spinach, cucumber, beetroot, a hefty serving of mayo, radish, bacon and halloumi. YUM! And then some macadamias if I get hungry around 4/5pm, then I'll eat dinner when I get home around 7.30 and still have a good 600 calories to work with.

3) Strength training. I've now lost 20.2lbs in 10 weeks and I feel like I'm starting to look really toned. The number on the scale for me is a huge marker, but not the ultimate goal. My goal is to look slim and lean and toned, and to lose fat and NOT muscle. So YouTube has been my friend this week for some toning videos (they are so great and some are so short; I did a killer 5 minute thighs and booty blaster yesterday and I couldn't walk for half an hour!) and also the gym. Easy on the cardio (quick 15-20 minute HIIT is more than enough), heavy on the toning.

4) Relax the tracking. This is a strange one for me. I'm OCD about tracking every morsel, every bite. But this week I've not been tracking dinner. My cousin was over last weekend and made me a massive pot of chicken stew (just tomatoes, seasonings, sh*t loads of onions, and chicken thighs) to last me like 3 weeks. And I've been eating that with veg most nights, but can't totally accurately calculate the exact calories and carbs. I think I've realised that when I track, I AIM for a certain number rather than just eating as much as I'm hungry for, if that makes sense. It's like if I'm full but I see I've got 250 calories 'left', I'll find something to fill it. Which isn't what I should be doing. And I've been tracking for so long now I can pretty much estimate the macros in food now anyway. I do need to stay mindful and not go completely off tracking, but one meal a day off could work and may keep me from being too obsessive, which has been my downfall in the past.

5) Post-TOM 'whoosh'. So I've seen people talking about this and was like 'really??' But maybe there's some truth in it. I weighed myself on Thursday just to see, and I was only down 0.2lbs since Monday. It was the middle of my TOM so I thought that was probably why. TOM finished yesterday and 'whoosh', another 3lbs gone on top of that. So yeah, I dunno. But it happened.

That's all for now folks. Happy freakin' Monday :-)
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    1679 days ago
    1679 days ago
  • MUFFIY831
    I'm impressed! And I'm with you on the BMI thing not really working I think i'd have to weigh under 140 pounds to be 'normal' and I simply do not foresee that EVER happening. Keep up the great work!
    1679 days ago
    You are doing so well!!! So proud of you. Finding what works and following it through.
    1679 days ago
    Aw. AWESOME. I love how you counted all the ways you've been progress...great thinking to remind yourself girl! smart girl :D And also AWESOME on listening to your so many ways! fasting/ tracking etc! You are doing fabulous. Its so awesome to see all these progresses and especailly when everything is suddenly like ba da ba ba BOOM baby!!! haha. they will be times it goes slower, but they are times (like this) its just like a happy whamo!!! :D totally enjoying the celebrations with you!!! ANd YES, I had that too. I was like forget the I saw my body changing...and even now, the weight I'm at compared to years ago, my body looks SO different, fits different, but is WAY healthier, more toned etc! So I'm HAPPY! :) (yes I still have some days that I still have just the other day!) but over all I can see that. So thats fabulous you are telling yourself that! BMI is just a ballpark figure not a concrete must! Okay, only you are you, you can learn your body best and you will (& ARE) begin to discover what is a healthy place. :) Totally rocking this and yup, settling into a beautiful grove of healthy :) emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1679 days ago
  • no profile photo WESSBERGERON
    Way to go!
    1679 days ago
    Sounds like you're doing a great job with Keto and figuring out exactly how to work the plan specifically for you and your body! Definitely know about the whoosh moment for myself! Happy Monday and good luck!
    1679 days ago
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