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Here I go again.

Monday, September 12, 2016

1- Good breakfasts - I need the fuel in the tank BEFORE I start rushing about. Both because it gives energy and also because it means I burn it off and use the protein and carbs to feed muscle/ organs and give energy, rather than having them left over to go into storage as fat. I couldn’t cope with a MASSIVE breakfast before work. But a good 2 egg omelette, tinned Tomatoes, Mushrooms and little bit of cheese melted on top along with a slice of toast a piece of fruit with a bit of yogurt and a cuppa, is about a right amount for me.
2- Always take something with me to work for lunch!! Even on days with planned meal breaks, time tends to get filled up. So even if it is just breakfast bar and a drink to chomp on the run, it would be wiser than going without and getting home hungry!
3- Full fat dairy- NOT a lot of it!! But Yogurt and real butter, plus occasional whole milk. Not only will it help with feeling fuller longer …… but it is bloody nice!!!! Ha ha! PLUS, I don’t eat meat, so need to get my protein and saturated fat from dairy ….. What a good excuse!!
4- Warmers- I don’t know about you, but when I am cold I feel I hungry! If I have a cuppa soup in cold weather, I feel much better. and even just putting on a warmer jumper or get a hot water bottle on the old plates of meat while I watch TV would no doubt help …… I must fight my natural instinct to ‘make a sandwich’ and have some biscuits lol.
5- Bread cuttin’ – I have real butter on my bread and I LIKE bread and butter!!!! SO if I cut down the bread, I will cut down the butter! This ALWAYS works wonders for me! 2 slice a day maximum! AGGGHHHHHHHH!
6- 7 O’ clock cut off- I try for this one. No eating after 7pm. But it tends to be more a guide than a hard and fast rule. If I do feel hungry I will eat something, I don’t sleep well on a complaining belly!
7-SLEEP!!- Another thing that makes me comfort eat is feeling tired!! And I am a person who does need a decent amount of sleep to feel refreshed. …. Must be me age!! I am also quite an early riser (as a rule) so need to get off to bed earlier, even if I just get comfy and nod off listening stuff on you tube. I am better at staying in bed a bit longer I the darker mornings
If this works well this week, I will do it again next week, if not, I will consider a tweak or two.

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