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Winning MegaMillions Numbers and Facebook

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Want your mind blown? Check this out.

I love to write. I like certain pens and pencils and fine, unlined notebooks to scribble in. I've been doing that for years. There's a company called Michael Rogers Press and they make the most beautiful little notebooks and pads ever.

I rarely throw them away and often stop halfway through and start scribbling in another one. It's just what I do.

So I opened up a box in the closet that I hadn't gone through when I moved in this apartment back in November. I knew what was in it - books - but decided to take it down and go through it to see if there was anything that should be out or tossed.

I was flipping through the pages of one and found some numbers I'd jotted down. I do that every now and then when I'm strategizing on becoming a millionaire (ha-haa)! Well, seems I picked the winning MegaMillions back in 2011 and never played it. And the reason I know that I didn't somehow write the number down after it had come out is because the pages *after* this note were dated June 2011 and on. I Google'd it and the winning MegaMillions numbers on July 5, 2011 were 01 10 13 18 46 and the megaball was 19. Exactly what I'd written down. Clearly, I also wasn't happy at work at the time as I'd made some notes about lunch coverage and sitting all day long.

I'm a tiny bit numb. I may need comfort food...

Have you ever watched the movie The Secret? If not, it's free on Hulu and it's one of my favorite movies. I also have the audio meditation. There's a one in a gazillion chance that anyone would pick the winning numbers even less of a chance that she might do it again. But I don't think like that. If I do something once, I can do it again. But wow - if I'd only put a dollar on that dream then. I might be typing this from a small villa in Italy right now. I can't WAIT until I win.

[sidebar: thank goodness I don't have a gambling addiction. I'm not one of those people who stands in line with a handful of money hoping to win. I figure, if it's my time to win, my dollar will do it - not $20]

The only thing I edited on that page last night is I circled the winning number and put the date next to it. That is so crazy.

I feel magical. That's nuts.

I was gonna say something about Facebook but now...nah. Ha!
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