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Monday, October 17, 2016

152lb 10st 12lb

Time to get started. I did one last bit of experimenting over the weekend and may have made discovery about my metabolism change. I lost 2lb from Tuesday to Friday, I put 2lb on over the weekend, the difference was less physical stuff but also I used my calorie allowance to include a big meal a day.

Over the years our metabolism changes. A nice hot big meal a day never was a problem .. but seems to be now! I used to have about half my allowance as my main evening meal. SO I need to break it down into smaller meals through the day .... a real pain for me with working!!! This is not really news or a 'discovery' to be honest! The big meal was always a comfort thing wasn't it? a nice hot reward to make it easier to relax after a days graft OR a 'treat' OR a way of warming up or cheering up. But we never actually benefit from eating until we are stuffed!! and never benefit from eating a lot and then laying around until morning! The 'refined' way of having 'dinner' at 9pm?? could not be more unnatural and unhealthy!!

Us northern working class lot have the right idea! Breakfast, Dinner, tea and cocoa! Good warm bowl of porridge for Breakfast, your main meal is at mid day, butties at evening and a hot drink of milk before bed!! THAT is the ideal! Slow burn fuel to get you going, main fuel to give you steam for burning off the rest of the day, a top up in the evening and bit of comforting warm stuff to stop you feeling hungry in the night ... Best way if you have time to chose your meal times! I can't do this, but would if I could! so gorra adjust it to fit my day, but will do it at weekends and any days I can fit it in.

I will post each day what I have chomped on.

1. Keep under 1500 cals but above 1000 cals.
2.Make sure I get carbs to keep energy levels up
3.Keep SATURATED fat to steady level, enough to give the full feeling but not enough to store
4.No eating after 8pm, just the bed time milky drink (whole milk and honey.. yum)
5. Because I don't eat meat I will keep an eye on protein levels, which I get mainly from eggs, dairy, Quorn and fish.

Off we go!! ....... again!
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