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Sunday, October 23, 2016

There's no 2 ways about it---
Being married to a person of a different culture causes problems---
You see, Himself is Chinese---and he and I are--"no Spring Chickens"----
Well, the grown children tell us that anyway-

In the Chinese culture, the sons take care of their father----
In the Canadian way of life, the parents are left to their own demise---to cope any way they can, and "who cares anyway", so to speak---

So you see, living close to 3 sons, Himself firmly believes they will spend some time helping him with chores he is unable to do---no matter that they have their own homes and families--
Me, being a full fledged Canadian now, was raised with "the good lord helps those who help themselves"--

We had a wee talk yesterday, Himself and I, after son #3 left us to get back to his own chores--quite upset---of which himself was not even aware of---
(Why don't men see this stuff?)-
I tried to "lay down the law"-----"Put it on the line"--- talk to Himself----- saying things like, "Don't ask the kids to do the hoses, the dock, bring in the pump--fix the garage door so it goes down smoothly"--ahh--the list was endless---

My advice to Himself might be heeded to-day----but (that big "butt" again!)-
He is going to be 88 yrs old next week----
You can't change a Zebra's stripes----
And being a Doctor, he really has absolutely no mechanical skills---
I don't think any Doctor knows too much about a hammer and saw---
So, we have over the years hired the important stuff out--
In fact, I have "Stan the Man" practically "on call" out here-----

And so, it will go on---
The grown boys will continue to tell Himself and I that we are "over the hill"---that we should get a wee apartment somewhere in the city----pointing out how decrepit we are--that we can't manage life here--perhaps checking into an old age home sooner than later---

Lord love a Duck!---A Mom's life can be difficult ---more so, with a Chinese older Himself, who carries his culture inside of him!

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