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There really isn't a choice!

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Monday, October 24, 2016

I got a flu shot---on Saturday--
--at "No Frills" grocery store!
Himself and I were shopping, and over the Pharmacy, was a sign, "Get your Flu Shot here."
"I think I'm going to get it", I said to Himself.
And of course, he, being a Doctor, said, "Oh no, I think you should wait. Get it on Monday at the Clinic"

As we were loading the groceries into the car, I announced that maybe I would go back into the store--get that flu shot , there and then.
And I did!----The pharmacist had a wee room, where I filled out a form swearing I wasn't allergic to numerous things, did not have to show my health card, and voila----gloves were donned and I never felt the needle at all!
There was no cost-----
Since then, I have had no repercussions --at all!

So in to-days world, it seems that medical stuff can be administered , just down from the ice cream isle---the bakery department---
Too bad there isn't a "shot" to get rid of our excess weight--think of how easy that would be---
It would stop all my struggling to stay in the "land of the one"---which is a battle right now---
Oh woe is me----mind over matter here---It's a constant battle---

There really isn't a choice is there?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love this! Thanks for the reminder to get a flu shot!
    1130 days ago
    1139 days ago
  • no profile photo LIN1263
    The flu shot is available here in one week. I will get mine. It is suppose to work better this year.
    1139 days ago
    LOL Love the cartoon. Thanks for your blogs that always bring a smile.
    1140 days ago
    A shot to eliminate pounds - sounds good to me too.
    1140 days ago
    The choice is do what it takes or travel back to 200s ville! It is a never ending battle and will never end.... Until.... So, we keep on keeping on! Glad you got your flu shot! I need to take care of that!
    1140 days ago
  • TAMIP62
    Oh wouldn't that magic pill/shot/powder be wonderful! Sigh, alas, i guess we're stuck with salads and treadmills. :)
    1141 days ago
    emoticon A shot for excess weight would be FABULOUS! Imagine... from emoticon to emoticon without the work! I'm not sure how long it would last, though.
    1141 days ago
    you inspire me to get things done

    have a great day
    1141 days ago
    Let me know if you find the shot that makes the weight disappear. emoticon
    I am all for that!
    In the meantime, I need to get my flu shot as well.
    1141 days ago
    Yup, you can get flu shots darn near anywhere, now. And most of us should!
    Absolutely love the cartoon!!
    1141 days ago
    I had my flu shot just before coming back out to France, 2 weeks ago. I seem to have had a mild 'kickback', but nothing major.
    Still pushing to get back to onederland - 2017 beckons - it'll happen!
    1141 days ago
    1141 days ago
    I still need to get my flu shot. emoticon
    1141 days ago
    Like you I always get a flu shot. It used to be a "big deal" back in the day -- lining up for hours at a clinic etc. And now it's so easy -- either at the pharmacy across the street or at the Zehrs where I get my groceries. I am very susceptible to pneumonia and flu often develops into pneumonia for me: and more so since I had cancer (probably the radiation affected my immune system). So I'm also very grateful to others who get the flu shot because even if they don't get sick themselves, they may be carriers . . . and infect me.

    You are so right about "no choice". Once I've firmly told myself there is no choice, I stop tormenting myself about "will I or won't I eat x". Nope, I won't, no choice and there's no need for any further anguishing.
    1141 days ago
    1141 days ago
    Got mine on the 3rd... at work, where they inoculate however many of us choose to sign up for free. A good benefit!
    1141 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Thanks for the reminder about the flu shot. We've gotten ours at our local pharmacy for the past couple of years, so convenient!
    1141 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I got my flu shot last month at work, at the health fair, and the nurse said this year, the culture is not live.
    1141 days ago
    1141 days ago
    Glad you got the flu shot. Cases of flu have been diagnosed here in Montana already, so it isn't too soon!
    1141 days ago
    No choice but to keep fighting the good battle! Glad you didn't have any unpleasant reaction to the flu shot and if there were a vaccine against eating too much, I'll be the first in line to get it!
    1141 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    You're so right, Lynda ... there really isn't a choice and I choose to exercise daily. Good for you, getting the flu shot at the grocery store! I never thought of that and wish I had done the same. It's better than getting a doctor appt and all that waiting!!
    1141 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Glad you got your flu shot! Today was lab work for me, Halloween is 70 minutes worth of MRI, and on the 9th of Nov. I see the Dr. and get my flu shot and discuss the results of all of the fun stuff.

    Some days 70 is not all it's cracked up to be emoticon
    1141 days ago
  • _LINDA
    After hearing about all the toxic things in vaccinations and the fact half of them are not effective anyway or are against the wrong strain, I am going to pass on the flu shot. I am one of those that never gets sick or gets infections. Not even after been coughed and sneezed at or the 1000 surgeries I have had, not so much as a single sniffle.
    Nope what they need is a human shock collar that activates any time you go near the wrong food or try to eat at an unscheduled meal time. Maybe that would work.
    1141 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Yes, the no cost is the "different" thing. Stay well now! And I wish that shot to lose or maintain weight were a reality too!
    1141 days ago
    I haven't had a flu shot in years but may try it again this year since I've already had pneumonia (and yes, I had the pneumonia shots).

    Loved the cartoon.
    1141 days ago
    A friend of mine, retired RN, was one of those who taught the pharmacists to give shots. I'm surprised, though, that you didn't have to show your health card.
    1141 days ago
    Good to have the 'shot' behind ---- you !!

    BUT --- there is No such thing as FREE...
    the cost is coming out of someone's pocket, just not your pocket right-then-and-there.
    1141 days ago
    I got my flu shot today with my physical. First time in years since I have an egg allergy. I used to go to the pharmacy and have a very sore arm for a few days, but my primary care doctor got wind of it and had a fit all over me. So I stopped. I've had the flu. The real flu, not that thing that people say they have when they feel a little tired and have a runny nose. Lord have mercy, I was sick for a week with flu and then 2 weeks recovering. I was as weak as a kitten. I wanted to die I hurt so badly. Never want that again, so I was happy to learn that this year's vaccine is safe for people with egg allergy.

    Meanwhile, I feel your pain. I was in the land of the 150s for just one day. Now I'm hovering around 160 to 162. It's maddening. We will get there. You will see 190 and I will see 155 on that scale, some how, some day, some way.
    1141 days ago
  • ALICIA214
    I often wonder how they manage to create a serum than covers so many flu strains.
    Hope it keeps you healthy this coming winter.
    I wish there was a shot for weight loss too, but we have to struggle on... emoticon
    1142 days ago
    1142 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Got my flu shot last Thursday. Was going to go the drugstore route near the house since Medicare (folks 65+) covers it but deferred to primary care doc's clinic to insure (oops, ensure) it makes it into my medical records file.

    Have a Onederful week.

    1142 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/24/2016 12:13:49 PM
    I'll get my shot Wednesday. We have a health clinic at my school so I just have to go in a little earlier. I'm at school about 6:45 most days. It'll be 6:30 Wednesday. Yawn! I won't do the rest of the clinic because I have to get the pre-surgery physical anyway in 2 weeks...why bother...no need to have more blood taken than necessary and they do the gamut for the pre-surgery thing (hip replacement). Yup... a true convenience!
    1142 days ago
    Love the cartoon!
    1142 days ago
    I'll get my flu shot soon. I usually wait until November so it is most effective during the heavy flu season around February. I have used the grocery store pharmacy to get my shots for a couple years now. I really like that the pharmacists will give me straight answers about which vaccines they think are the most critical and don't just parrot the Big Pharma line about getting shots for everything in the world. On my doctor's advice and pharmacist's agreement I have had a pneumonia shot, a shingles shot, and a tetanus booster. All at the grocery store. All paid for by Medicare. Even in a small town these necessities are available. There is a lot to be grateful for at the grocery store.
    1142 days ago
    Have a great day Lynda! Enjoy that good health!

    1142 days ago
    I got mine last week too while at the Dr. No charge (insurance covered), and no side effects at all.

    There's always a choice, it's simple; just not always easy.
    1142 days ago
    Sometimes you just have to take care of things now, rather than later.
    1142 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Free flu shots??? I may have to move up north. Have a great day Lynda. emoticon
    1142 days ago
  • 97MONTY
    I got mine two weeks ago and yes you can get them almost anywhere
    1142 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder, I will get my flu shot at the first opportunity. I too live in beautiful Canada where flu shots are free. emoticon Yes, I wish losing weight was that easy.
    1142 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Thanks for reminding me to get my flu shot. Oh, a weight loss shot would be handy. Oh, well, guess we've got to do that all on our own.
    1142 days ago
    Congrats on getting the flu shot!

    Onederland - You worked really hard to get there, and I know you are working really hard to stay there. Don't surrender!

    You can do it!
    1142 days ago
    Glad you got your shot, got mine a couple of weeks ago. Love the cartoon it is the truth. I want a weight loss shot. But might work in reverse. Bad picture.
    1142 days ago
    We got our flu shot at the supermarket's pharmacy a few weeks back. No cost to us. They send the bill to Medicare. I had a sore arm where the needle entered, however, my guy didn't, said he's tougher than I. I know you can stay in onederland. I have confidence in you.
    1142 days ago
    Great blog! And I love the comic. It's always a good reminder that what I'm giving up in addition to one hour a day is: hating to go to the doctor because she is going to yell at me about my weight, feeling packed into my jeans like a sardine, feeling like I set a poor example for my diabetic husband who needs to commit to healthy eating and exercise, etc. Keep on blogging!
    1142 days ago
    Good for your flu shot Lynda! And yes, if only for the weight loss shot...
    1142 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1142 days ago
    1142 days ago
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