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Off to see the Wizard!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's almost 8am here--and it's still very dark!
Our clocks change Nov.6th---"Fall back"---
In Canada, we are entering the darkest time of the year---especially in the North here!
From now, until the end of December, our day light hours will be less.

I've had to change my routine---walk the Germans (as in dogs) later---workout now in the house more---not leave the dogs outside as long, in the cold--
So far we don't have snow. And we don't usually get too much snow till after Christmas.

As to trying to shed pounds, I find controlling portions , to be the hardest --especially at dinner.
Having a large salad helps--perhaps some lite cottage cheese with it--creating more meals at home-- (at least you know what is in it!)--drinking more water--standing naked in front of a mirror will turn me off completely of eating after dinner---sipping on a hot cup of green tea wards off the munchies during the day--
It's a lot of pre planning--- talking to myself--mind over fresh bread---"the whiter that bread, the sooner yu're dead"----Remember?
--perhaps a positive attitude too---
and-----Sparkly friends--
"wanna-be" losers-----
So, I'm offa here--off to see the Wizard--Lord love a Duck!--so much to remember!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1137 days ago
    Love reading your blogs and your sense of humor. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1138 days ago
    thanks for the laugh
    1138 days ago
  • no profile photo CASS6631
    I was just thinking that Turkey soup or chicken soup would be my thing with noodles and veggies that sound good to me or Vegetable soup included I had relatives live in Canada too! and remember those dark winter nights when we use to visit them. over the years. I do my best at getting as much done before the night fall during the fall or Winter time. myself. I enjoy reading your blogs though very interesting. thanks for sharing

    1139 days ago
    we are all on that eat to much thing so it seams

    In most of Arizona we do not change the clocks so I just have to remember everyone else has a time change

    have a great day
    1140 days ago
    1140 days ago
    I know I am sort of egocentric, but really? snow? So hard to believe when we are in high 70s (f.) and in mid 80s over the weekend! What a wonderful world we all share!
    1141 days ago
    Keep on moving along, fight the dark up there! You can do this!
    1141 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Parts of the GTA saw some wet snow today, but I'm close to downtown T.O. and thankfully we didn't have any. A friend in Brooklin wasn't too happy at all LOL!!!
    1141 days ago
    Too funny! Thank you for brightening my day!!
    1141 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    1141 days ago
    Love your blogs! You have a great sense of humor and I usually get a good laugh when I read them.

    Sounds like you're making some good changes for the coming winter. We're still in the 70's and 80's for now so hopefully it won't be here soon for us. Hope you, himself and the Germans (as in dogs) stay bundled up when the cold and snow hits.
    1142 days ago
    All this talk of the dark is a good reminder why cultures around the world, especially those in the north, celebrate the winter solstice, knowing that the daylight will start to get longer again. If the dark gets to you, close up all your curtains and shades and turn on all your lights. Or work out hard so you sleep longer. (That's for those of us who are retired and home most of the time.) Truly, however, I suspect you will get through this winter just fine, as you have so many others. Just keep loving the Dreadmill and walking the dogs in what daylight you can find.
    1142 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Oh those silent M*asses will get you every time emoticon

    Hot soup with lots of veggies and a little protein is a cold weather favorite!

    emoticon to be emoticon
    1142 days ago
    Arizona doesn't recognize daylight savings time. I like the Natives saying. It is like cutting off one end of the blanket and sewing it to the other side- Makes no sense at all- LOL

    Of course, I have never followed the M*asses- LOL Even my kindergarten report card said the tune I sang was entirely my own- LOL

    I think a nice home made vegetable soup would be nice as an evening snack- hard to overeat veggies! My WW friends swear by it, without crackers of course- LOL

    Have a great day!

    1142 days ago
    Oh Lynda... it never ends, does it. I had the audacity to eat some peanuts (weighed on the scale) for a snack. Now I have to have a bowl of soup for dinner if I want to stay on plan. Oh well. The price I pay for a snack. Meanwhile, I'm going up and down the same 3 pounds! It's aggravating.
    1142 days ago
    I have been very fortunate in that I am not tempted to eat after my evening meal. We eat around 6 pm. If we ate earlier I know I would be tempted! You are right about standing in front of a mirror naked, I would lose my appetite if I had to look at all my loose skin and fat legs!

    1142 days ago
    love your tv commercial gif
    1142 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    You're way too funny....... but, make a lot of sense!! emoticon
    1142 days ago
    In the colder weather, I love homemade veggie soups, seasoned with herbs and spices to add to the warmth. Tasty and filling, they don't make a huge dent in the calorie count.
    Yay for winter soups!!
    1142 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1142 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon Love the last image.
    1142 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/27/2016 1:23:59 PM
  • ALICIA214

    With a breaking heart I have sent my beautiful girl Chica to the Rainbow bridge.

    RIP MY Darling girl;;
    1142 days ago
    Dark and snow here today, sob sob: but next week is supposed to be back to normal fall temperatures!!
    1142 days ago
  • _LINDA
    You don't know dark, another cloudy day here, only two sunshine days for this ENTIRE month!!
    So very happy we don't deal with that ludicrous time change! Inconvenient to say the least, trying to figure out the time changes in all the live summits I attend.
    If there is one thing shepherds are good for, its a warm winter coat! Daisy has hers on, but its much thinner than a shepherd's for sure. They are made to be outdoor dogs, a good choice for the north.
    I would change that poster to Avoid any TV to avoid bad food commercials.
    Low fat cottage cheese was my go to protein, eat at lease 1/2 cup to keep you satisfied with your salads. Biggest bang for the protein & calorie buck there is! Most people seem to eat the most at dinner. The old saying Eat like a king at breakfast, lunch is a prince and dinner is a pauper! Gets you through the day much better, cuts down on the munchies between meals if you had a satisfying breakfast. I often don't even feel like lunch after my good breakfast. I have energy to burn when I fuel properly. A tip may be to pre measure your dinner out, track the calories to make sure its in the range, and then eat it and nothing extra. This will help get the portions right and remove the temptation to 'keep going'
    Bread is so unnecessary, just too many ingredients you don't need, even the so called 'healthy stuff' loaded with sugar and preservatives, its just a calorie bomb. Far better alternatives!
    emoticon emoticon

    1142 days ago
    Lynda, do you get to see the Northern Lights where you are?
    1142 days ago
    emoticon The "M"asses!
    1142 days ago
    ...Yup I too am working on portion control...some days better than others...After hours is hard as well, Hang in there...
    1142 days ago
    Best advice ever!
    1142 days ago
    You are a hoot! Thanks...you brighten my day.
    1142 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Good advice Lynda. Another thing is try having your big meal at lunch and just a really small meal at dinner. In the old days on the farm, my grandmother had the big meal at noon. Have a great day Lynda. emoticon
    1142 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    We get lots of sun in the winter (southeast of Charlotte, North Carolina. I really miss snow, but I enjoy the warm winter weather. (We won't get into the heat and humidity in the summer!) Here it's cold when the temperature drops below 15 degrees C and when it gets to 0 degrees C people don't go out until it warms up! Imagine, you would have to stay inside for months!

    Good advice for controlling appetite, although cottage cheese has so much sodium in it I can't eat it, but salad is good. I've started adding baked potato to my salad. In the winter I like to add soup to my menu. My homemade soup has a whole lot less salt in it the canned stuff.

    Love the memes!
    1142 days ago
    I find it much more difficult to stay on track when I'm stuck indoors.
    1142 days ago
    We had some wet snow along with icy rain. Great way to start a morning.ugh Yes, it feels like winter is upon us. Have a good day my fellow sparkers.
    1142 days ago
  • no profile photo IAMVICKIBISHOP
    emoticon emoticon
    1142 days ago
    We've got to get our winter gear and plans in place - it's around the corner!! Got our first dusting of snow yesterday but, like you, don't expect anything major for a couple of months. But since we're downwind of the Great Lakes which are still unusually warm - so who knows? If you send us some of that cold Canadian air we get Lake Effect... emoticon
    1142 days ago
    I never thought about living in the North, I'm afraid I'd be quite large. Staying indoors would lead me to the kitchen.
    Love the comic!
    1142 days ago

    I am with YOU !!
    Back to drinking my herbal teas.. because they have ZERO calories, taste good, and smell delicious... and help control my elbow bending.

    I too really miss the SUN... Most especially the early morning sun..
    Wouldn't it be nice if we could adjust the clocks so that sunrise was at 5 AM -- EVERY DAY !!
    (Well, I suppose there are tons of people who would not like that idea.)
    It was - Just a thought.

    1142 days ago
    We're still having pleasant weather; but the shorter days sure do take adjusting to! I have to walk earlier in the day; we are early evening walkers! Craving for more substantial foods does loom; more protein helps for me. You can do this! emoticon
    1142 days ago
    1142 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Have a good day Lynda. We are having magic weather at this time if the year, First snake on our front verandah and it is not summer yet. Have to keep the screen doors shut so nothing slips inside. emoticon
    1142 days ago
    Love the picture, and you're right, pre-planning is important... but don't you wish it would get easier after all this time???

    Hang in there, Lynda.

    Hugs, Gail

    1142 days ago
    OH the short days are a bugger! But the light lamp helps a lot. And you're right . . . so many times the "M" is silent! ACK!
    1142 days ago
    Love the cartoon!!
    1142 days ago
    Love the last picture. We have s bit of snow on the roofs this morning. God Bless Canada, tmie for the snow tires.
    1142 days ago
    1142 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Lol that's funny! Hope you have a great day!!
    1142 days ago
  • KATIEW18
    Haha very true!!
    1142 days ago
  • ROCKLAND2010
    1142 days ago
    1142 days ago
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