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Saturday, October 29, 2016

You know, no-one asked us, on our 50th wedding anniversary, what was our secret to being married so long----
I used to dream about that--

And in my dream, we would hug each other--perhaps himself would grab me, and tenderly waltz with me around the kitchen---
Maybe the children would be playing violins---would have the house decorated with hearts-----perhaps even send us both on a cruise
(Himself would be vomiting however if that ever happened--kinda destroys my dream)-

Himself is not one to show emotion---never gets angry--doesn't appreciate upsets---will not interfere in any family squabbles---
-- so, perhaps a marriage survives when one of the people involved are exceedingly, stable-with not too much "upsetting the applecart" as my Mom used to say--

Lord love a Duck!--
Himself was content over the years to watch my weight go up and down 564 times-- wasn't too upset when I came home one summer with 2 chickens (Colonel Sanders and Pecker) and a couple of Billy goats---( Thelma and Louise)---They roamed around our property for the summer, following the children, stealing wienors from the BBQ--with the goats eating all my flowers.

We have raised children--dogs --and several cats---"Biggy" I found in the dumpster on a cold November morning.---carried him home and he lived with us for 17 years.

Maybe it's tolerating our differences that keeps up together--
Himself believes that everyone in this world is kind---
-He will always be ""Phone challenged"---will listen to me when the cell phone confuses him--and the computer--
I am totally the opposite- of all the above--

So, life carries on --and on ---
And most days we get along very well----
There are days however -----
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