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Weekend Weeeeeeee!

Saturday, November 05, 2016


Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts,,I deeply appreciate each and everyone of you and that you take time to think of me is a smile for my heart.

Feeling much better..just weak and know it is gonna take a while to get me back where I was!
That ole starting all over again syndrome aye! But I know better than to even try to kick in at the level I was at!
The cooler nites help as I sleep so much better. I am onna those window open fan on and big fluffy comforter pulled up type sleepers! If my nose gets frostbite so be it! :-)

Todays fun was the goofy geese, again! It has gotten to be a game to see how long I can delay letting them out to run.They get louder and pace the fence faster as each lil bit of time goes by. Then this AM I opened their gate, they looked at it as if to say "is this a trick?"
Then turned and went the other way back towards their house! I told them they were a bit confused , all that running back and forth must have scrambled their brains!

Once water bowls were filled and I was walking towards the small gate they came at a run. Wings flapping and honking galore, even lil Duck Duck was doing his best imitation of "I am a big guy ! Look out for me!" Although his lil quack does not even begin to register on the scale at the volume of the honks of the geese, he does do his best!

Then walking into the chicken house to check nests I got told by Goldie that it was neither time nor place for me that she was in there taking care of private business! Geeze OK!!

I need to get my Blue Bunny either a new living area built or fix some sort of winter coverings for his present domicile. I do believe perhaps it will get cool and even present us with at least rain if not the white stuff, soon..very soon I hope. Tis too dry and brittle out there, the fire danger is so high state wide. Scary for Colorado to be this warm and dry at this time of year.

Thru the ick that I am shaking I managed to hold the line on weight. Dang woulda thought I could at least drop a pound or two cause I sure wasn't eating, but drinking water like a guy just off the desert for dern sure. I just could not get enough water! Even resorted to juice a couple of times, apple and cranberry yum!!

Remember to turn your clocks back before bedtime ..the short days and long nites of winter are creeping right on into our lives like it or not. But as my Gran used to say..Nature needs a nap so she can wake up bright and beautiful for Springs arrival!

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