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My Chickens did not know...

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

As we all hold our breathe and wait for results..you are indeed glued to the tv right? hmmm....My only comment on all this is gonna be..I wish the popular vote was the way it worked rather than the electoral college..perhaps it will be changed someday!

Now to the birds..and the other beasts. They do not care what day it is..Sun is out..and we should be as well!! The limited hours of daylight seem to affect them as well. I noticed my "witchywoman" is even grouchier than usual, she comes out of the house clucking and going on as if to tell the world she does not like the dark, the cold or any of this new stuff that is happening, she is a Spring hatch so has not been thru a winter yet!! If I could get an entire flock of Matilda's I would be thrilled. She is a happy girl that follows me around quietly and will gladly receive treats then go on her way. However indeed Witchywoman gets noticed for sure!

I did some housekeeping in the hens cottage , put out some basic oils and pest repellent that is safe for both man and beastie. Since chickens are just SO much fun to catch I wait until dark when they are asleep and easier to get to..then I dust about like the toothfairy spreading happiness and joy, only I am spreading lack of pests, buggies and such for all!
Hmm could make a poem out of that I think if only I were not so tired this PM.

My pup and 2 cats woke me this AM at 5ish?? They had a mouse trapped against the wall and between the three of them. I tried to ignore the whines and growls but was unsuccessful as could be. So out of my warm cozy bed to see Whas Up Guys? About that time I saw the lil gray body dash about. It was hidden behind a scale that was leaning against the wall...so I pulled the scale out so it would dash away. Being the brave person I am I dropped the scale rapidly and got back on the bed in record time, anticipating that a cat or Chuee would show me their "treasure". Nope ...nada..so I creep over there and lift the scale. Derned if I did not drop it on the critter and either did him in or at least knocked him out! CR , my cat, grabbed and ran off with it. Then Chuee went dashing off after CR..looked like the Indy 500 dash! As Chuee grazed by CR he neatly grabbed the mouse from her and off he strutted to the front door to be let out so he could go enjoy his "catch".
Now there was a day when I would try to get a mouse away from that dog..but thas anuther tale of another time.

Chuee had a mouse..I asked him to give it to me..he did. He watched as I made a move to put it up on the cushion of the windowseat. Then he went out...came back in and promptly checked to get his mouse back. Well it was gone as I tossed it over into the chicken yard..extra protein for the girls ya know! After that occurrence he will not surrender a "treasure" to me...sigh and that lil dog has jaws like a steel trap. So I no longer worry about him snacking on his catches.

Now I am so tired I am about to think that the president will be elected no matter if I am awake or asleep..so I can just be surprised in the AM as I know..to the critters it matters not. Christmas...feed me...Thanksgiving...feed me..New Years..etc ...etc.. The sun comes up..they enjoy their day and do their job..the sun goes down they go to bed. Not a bad life I am thinking..someone to carry their feed and water, clean their house and keep them safe and warm or cool as need be. Perhaps in my next life I should be a chicken..only I would want to be MY chicken to make sure I got spoiled and treated like a treasure. Not a happening thing I fear!

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    1130 days ago
    Oh, too funny about the mouse in the house, and your 2 cats and 1 dog after it!! When My parents were on the farm, they had a variety of outdoor cats. One of them would be out all night long hunting, and when my mother would come out the door, she'd see all of the treasures the cat had caught for her, neatly lined up on the back door stoop!! Oh, the first time it happened my mother let out a shriek! lol Mice, grasshoppers, a mole one time, a snake another time. Depended on the season lol.
    1130 days ago
    1131 days ago
    I must confess that I haven't even looked yet about the election. My only involvement was to encourage my parents to finish their ballots in time. Have a happy day, regardless of who wins!
    1131 days ago
    That was such a wonderful post! Really need to take that to heart especially tonight.
    1131 days ago
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