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Time to heal...

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

My statement on the election will be..this is our country..we need to support it not leave it.
The reactions that have occurred are not the actions of thinking adults but rather folks that if they do not get their way will break your toys! Sad. No matter how one feels about the results it is only 4 years...it is what seemed to be desired by the majority and indeed ....
We need to give him a chance to lead.

I have rather spoiled critters..big surprise huh! In the evening I chop up carrots for the rabbits and tear up lettuce for ducks, geese for a PM snack. Skinner gets an apple or carrot , sometimes both! When it is "bedtime" for them they will all head to their various areas to await their treats. Tonite the ducks waddled into their pen and checked out the dish..NO lettuce so they started to head back out. The gate went whoosh right in front of their lil faces and they set about quacking their protest!

The geese had patiently gone to their house and were waiting ,,,quietly for a change. The only issue is I was not there to tuck them in I was filling water tanks and such! So when I turned to head to the house to get the evening treats I was followed by a very upset Hermine. She did not even feel bad about chewing me out either..she stretched out her goosey neck and let go with what I am sure boiled down to the goose equivalent of #*##!

With the daylite change chores have to happen so much earlier. It is 4:30 and I am out there closing up gates, pens and making sure bedding is fresh! By a bit after 5 it is tending toward dark and everyone is up and in for the night! I flipped my schedule from fixing dinner then doing chores to doing chores then fixing dinner! In a way it works nicely as I do not feel like I need to get thru dinner so I can head out to do chores..so there is a definite positive there.

Now to get me freshened up for the AM..got to head out to the eye doc and maybe cruise by GoodWill to see if they have any goodies I might need or want! Ya'al have a good nites rest..trust that all will be well and waken tomorrow with excitement that indeed you have another day to enjoy!

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