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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Time to really focus or really give up and give in!

I have reviewed my pattern and realized that no matter how hard I tried when the season for baking started I started piling on the weight once again. Between breads and cookies my lil hand managed to find my not so little mouth all too often. The ole trick of a taste or just one..yeah forget it..once the sugar demon has been set loose there is no reining in that beast! Tis like being an addict..well I guess it is an addiction..the first taste of sugary is too much and then there is no such thing as too much! Carb-O-holic..yeah!!

I remember in watching the movie For Whom The Bell Tolls..an oldie but a goodie..there is a scene where the young beautiful woman is advised to not eat bread or potatoes to stay slim and lovely. Dang I wish someone woulda told me that!! I still hold the idea that you need to eat a lil bit of everything..just portion control and increased activity is the pattern.
So how to develop the ability to eat just a taste of butter cookies or fudge or the many variations of bread that I love to make at Christmas...sigh...

I am sure that a stronger person than me could cook up all those goodies and not cave. I need someone in the room with me to slap my hands! Perhaps a recording of Do Not Eat That!!! nah..I would be like the birds with a scarecrow..frightened at first and ignoring it later! Will Power...yep that is a gentleman I have yet to meet and stay with. From time to time he visits me..but never seems to hang around long enough!

So I will try a new challenge..I will continue to monitor serving size and do my best to just avoid the goodies . Not working does help..not as much temptation I must admit. I create my own temptation when I start baking and fixing, which I love to do and I think the neighbors look forward to their christmas baskets..or at least I hope they do!

The shorter days and cooler nites are definately affecting my lil flock..they are tucked in tight by 5PM and if I happen to get up early enough to let them out at 6:30 they seem stunned! I have been waiting for the day to warm a bit and get lighter so often to not make it out to the chickenyard till 9 or so. Makes a short day for the girls indeed!

I accidentally got their feed wet the other day. WaLa I created a special meal..they jumped in with both feet and ate like starving kids! So now I put the feed out early and let them dig thru to find the corn..chicken crack my neighbors call it! Once they and the geese have sorted out all the corn I just dampen the remaining feed a bit. Works like a charm..stuff they have left behind is now devoured rapidly!

My geese have learned that they need to eat out of their own trough..but they are sure the chickens have better stuff so must check that out. I sit out there and all I have to do is say..what do ya'al think you are doing? Jack will raise his big ole head and look at me with one beady eye then strut off ..as if to let me know he is really the boss but is letting me act like one! I got in a crazy mood one day and decided not only to chase them out but to act like them and flap my wings and honk....Yes I am crazy!! tis one thing I earned by living this long! OMG it was so funny...the geese looked back at me as I was fake flapping and they took off like large rockets ..honking like mad...I am sure they were telling everyone to get the H out of their way! I laughed so hard my sides hurt! Indeed I am easily amused!!

Now I am headed for my cozy lil bed . I got a new comforter and I do not want it to feel neglected! Good nite and good dreams to all! How bout that moon!! Spectacular!!

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    Seriously, why not consider skipping the baking this year?
    Why torture yourself?
    1122 days ago
    Ah...I just got a reminder of something that I could bake that is very satisfying, but doesn't trigger compulsive eating! Biscotti!! One will do it for me, not like banana bread or brownies - those are too tempting!! My mother used to bake a new cookie every day, then pack them away for the week between Christmas and New Years. About an hour after dinner, she'd make a pot of decaf and bring out the cookie platter. I miss that custom.
    1122 days ago
    The moon was beautiful last tonight and is supposed to be even prettier tonight. I'm hoping our clouds will clear!

    I have the same problem with baking, Katie. Store bought goodies don't tempt me but when I bake......there is just no holding back.

    I have cut down some the last few years and the family pretty much hasn't noticed. I did it by waiting longer to bake, then baking three or four things instead of 12. If necessary you can always bake an extra batch later on. This helps make sure that by the time the holidays are over the cookies, pies, and cakes are gone too. Still everyone has something to enjoy while they are with you and a plateful to take home.

    New Year's Eve comes....goes....and the goodie cupboard is bare. And so it should be!!!!
    1122 days ago
    Thanks for reminding me about the Super Moon! Almost forgot! BTW, I think Will Power has paid me a visit! I'm having coffee with my daughter and she just asked me if she/we could have another biscotti and I said NO! It had a hint of anise in it and I can still taste it, so that's fine!

    I love to hear about life on your farm!

    1123 days ago
    Chicken crack ... so funny!!!!!

    How about you pick 1-2 things that you truly want to eat for Thanksgiving and eat them with total enjoyment.
    1123 days ago
    1123 days ago
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