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Beginning to see goals achieved

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Isn't that the greatest feeling..!!
Be it a weight goal achieved or steps or a project completed
To be able to stand there and say I did it!! is such a great feeling!

I have had a project to redo our bathrooms going for some time. I got a large portion of the small bathroom done then ran out of interest, plus it was summer and who wants to work in or on the house when there are gardens to grow and mtns to climb!

The past few days I began to wrap up the project. Got the last of the painting done, a new cabinet up and boarder rails set to put the towel holders and tp holder on. Large mirror of antique years set on the wall. Now to finish the trim around the sink..do the new counter top and find a piece of vinyl wallboard to finish the area under the mirror..paint the cabinet and perhaps the 3 mirror medicine cabinet..so all the cabinets will be white. Walls are a pale blue with the shower curtain being a mtn scene with a stream and forest . Hmmm I was feeling a bit more like it is close to done until I listed the rest of the To Do's here. Well then we get to the half full or half empty glass theory..I choose to go with the positive side of things and say I am half done and that is a great feeling!

I did spend some time with the ladies, tis funny if I am out there a lot during the day doing housekeeping in their living area and such..they ignore me and go about their business. At times even getting grumpy with me if I happen to be cleaning the nest boxes when they decide they want "that very one you are holding!!"..But on days like today when I have been in and out ..they run to meet me at the gate and follow me like they are sure I must have brought treats since I have been gone for so long! Problem is ..when they act like that..I usually end up getting them a treat..shredded lettuce or sum such wonderous thing!

My lil duck pair seems to have decided that they need to hang out with the geese. On most mornings the ducks would head for the feed dishes but for the past two days they have hung around at the gate to the goose pen waiting for the geese to come strutting out. Now there's a change of thinking for you. From thinking they are the enemy to thinking they are buddies. Kinda sounds like the actions of politicians in the past election!! hee heee

Tomorrow is breakfast with a group of nurses I have worked with and then a quick trip to the Friends of the Library to check on some books I would like to find. Then over the next few warm days tis time to scoop out and redo the bedding in the ladies house so that with the advent of colder nites they will have a snug warm place to be..and clean too!

So nearly time to tuck in and dream of pleasant things..to awaken with delight in the new day!

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