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Surprise Day out

Saturday, November 19, 2016

I wanted to go to Olive Garden for my belated BD dinner..and they have a special right now that just makes me drool! Never ending pasta bowl...not that I could eat that much but the price is right and I love their salad! So off to town.
Arrived at OG to find people nearly circling looking for parking places!! Sigh....next door..is Red Lobster and their lot was nearly empty! So twas to RL we went! DH is not one to wait and hates crowds worse than I do!
So I think I ate as healthy as one can at RL. Plus I just made my mind up to enjoy! Tis only one meal..and yes I did track it..honestly. Plus I was amazed at the calorie count..OMG!!!
Sometimes I think the ole WW thing of points system is best..just eat what you want till the points are gone..then you get 0 calorie foods..yes there are such! But honestly when doing that I found that I ate healthy in order to eat more!

I had not watered before we went..I figured it would be the warmest part of the day when we got back. That short period in mid to late afternoon right before the sun dunks down behind the mtns..at which time the temp drops like a rock...boom..splat!

The geese were letting me know how very displeased they were with not having their big pond to swim in..tough babe! Get used to it..I am not turning over a 20 gallon swimming pool every day when it is filled with ice! Use the lil pond and learn to be happy! Actually and I do wish I could video this...Jack loves to take a shower that is provided by me pouring water over his head out of a gallon sized bucket! It was by accident I discovered this lil trick and he screeches and follows me on the fence the minute he sees the bucket!
The only reason for the bucket in his world is for HIS shower..the fact that I need to fill the water tank he is standing in does not enter his lil head! He turns his head and twists his body to get the water running all over ..tis quite a show. Not sure who enjoys it more..him or me!! I cannot help but laugh everytime we do this bit!

Then the ducks ..I have got to get more ducks..they are the clowns of the barnyard for dern sure! I was trying to herd Yacky duck and Diablo into their lil area but the geese kept getting in the way. Finally Diablo just hunkered down and looked at me as if saying..ya gotta fix this and I ain't moving till you do!.. So I chased the geese down to their area..then the ducks happily toddled into their yard. Only to set up a screech when they discovered their tank had not been filled yet! I had the hose in my hand headed that way..come on guys!! Now with water in their lil tank..think the gallon or two gallon flat containers that are used to drain oil into when you change the oil in your car! Guys will know what I mean and probably most women. That is their winter tanks..I can dump those over easily and keep fresh water for them. A few shreds of lettuce in their feeder and they are happy critters.

I cut lettuce and carrots for the spoiled individuals every nite! My doe..Lil Mama, sits with her tiny paws on the bottom of her door peeking out to see if I have the treats for her.
In the cage next to her is Blue Boy, he jumps up on top of his nest box and peeks out the side of his area when he hears my voice! Aren't they cute!!

As I was getting the last of the watering done I saw the sun quickly dipping towards the mtn tops..so got the treats and back out I dashed. Barely beat the setting sun ,,,temps dropping rapidly as I headed to the house. Cozy fire blazing in the wood stove..cuppa tea at my side and working on getting the latest afghan finished up so I can move on to the next one!

A lovely day all in all. I am grateful for each day that is pleasant and without drama!

Have a great rest and waken tomorrow with a smile.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My Idaho Shag dog loves to play with the ice chunks when I dump out the bowl on the deck this time of year.
    1112 days ago
    Glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner! Yes, those critters are cute!
    1112 days ago
    Thanks for posting your sweet bunnies!
    I'm glad you had a nice BD dinner even if Olive Garden will have to wait. Somehow this is always a busy weekend for restaurants...maybe because moms need a break before tackling Thanksgiving dinner?
    That Weight Watchers system works with calories too. I had a friend who tracked and said when she gets to 1200 calories she is done for the day. She is stronger than I am though. She said that when she first started that often she hit 1200 by the end of lunch and it was a very long time 'til breakfast!!
    Yes....that would be me. Better to plan my eating and make my calories get me through dinner - can't stand going to bed hungry.
    On the other hand, she has been at goal for years and I....well I.....I, um......
    1112 days ago
    Oh, I haven't been to Red Lobster in ages! I'm so glad you enjoyed your dinner!! Lil Mama and Blue Boy are beautiful bunnies!! I love their "hairstyles"! lol We had a very blustery, chilly day here today. Looking forward to crawling into my flannel nightgown and into bed!
    1113 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    I saw the most adorable wild bunnies on Saturday.........only white up to the ankles
    1113 days ago
    1113 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    1114 days ago
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