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Reality Check

Monday, November 21, 2016

Not one I did on purpose but certainly one of those days that repeats the lesson...
You just cannot do what you used to do in the time you used to do it! Duh..how many times does experience have to show me this lesson before I learn it?

Really started out to do what should have been an easy job. Just wire a new receptacle on a cord and hook up the rabbits heated water bowls. Well sure..I am certain all of us have learned to never say it looks easy..but dern it...it looked easy. Has been done in the past and although it requires some careful attention ..not an impossible nor really challenging job.
Until you open the package to discover ..they do it different now. you do not have part of what you need..scrounge time..found it! Then reassess where you had thought to get 'er done only to come to the decision that indeed the pen needs relocated. Another easy job as the pen is on huge roller wheels. Only issue....soft soft dirt nearly as deep as the wheels are tall...then oh yeah..the ground slants at ever increasing angle as you go across the yard. Then ...must be careful as Blue Boy is still in the pen, no biggie, just gonna push it from here to there...right!! yeah.... emoticon

After pushing, pulling, digging and down right manhandling the pen..it is in position ..and rocks like a crazy rocker in a high wind!! OH NO!! Fetched bricks to place and make pen secure..volunteered DH to help. If only he could hear and understand what I am trying to do! But he did take over the wiring of the receptale, which freed me up to move a big heavy tire into the chicken shed to put the base for the water tank in and get it hooked up so the ladies will have fresh water..not frozen . By now it is nearly feeding time..where did the hours go..ask my knees and back they can tell ya!!

Poor Blue Boy must have thought we moved to CA with all the shaking and quaking of his lil home. I peeked in and he was tucked into his lil nest peering out as if to ask if it was safe to come out now! Evening treats given..he really deserved his ..he was a trooper thru all this. Skinner felt neglected and was whining...errr braying for attention. So got him an apple and hand fed him , also gave him a nice neck massage..wish someone would give me one!!

I had closed the gate to the small chicken yard as I thought they were all in. When I came back to finish up...give treats and make sure wiring was working correctly..there were The Rhodes and Jet out in the big pen! They came to the gate to greet me as if asking..why did you close us out!! Opened the gate and everyone dashed out..OMG..you would have thought they were in prison. Their food and water and beds were on the far side of the gate they dashed out of...hey gals ..did ya think this escape out?? NO?? Didn't think so!

Propped the gate open and took care of things in the duck yard, goose area..talked to my bunnies to soothe their ruffled fur and spent some time with Skinner to let him know he was still loved. Someone allowed the sun to set in the process of this love fest and I was freezing...sore and tired to the bone. If I hadn't needed to come fix supper I might have considered a nite in the hay shed...nay..would be itchy and dark! Maybe even a bit cold!

Tried to think how to log this session of "exercise"...they do have a "farm work" area..so I tagged that..but it really does not account for what I did today..steps..weights..and pushing the envelope as far as I could push it..then going a bit further! Yeah me!

I saw a cartoon I love and thought it sorta fit my day..Hmm wonder how that works..grief I gotta be tired..rambling...badly! Nite ya'al...

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