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Sunday, November 27, 2016

I am bleary eyed this morning---
--because I was up trying to put all our grown children's phone numbers into a set of new house phones---AND----not only their house numbers, but their cell numbers plus, their wives cell numbers--

You see, about 2 mos. ago, himself purchased a set of new Panasonic telephones.
They sat in the box, in the kitchen---
I knew it would be up to me to get them going----
I also wasn't really feeling "up to the challenge"-

Last evening, after keys were sticking and we were missing calls on every extension on the old set of phones, , I decided that this would be the time--that the "time was right"----so to speak!
I opened the box of new phones!

I began this complicated chore, at 8pm- and--finally dragged myself up to bed around 1am---
To make the whole situation worse, Himself had lost the wee book , which was printed in English----
I had only the French instructions--

Every letter going into that phone, had to be entered with a number---
The instructions were 1 mm high----
and I changed the ringer---
Many moons ago (like about 20 years)- the children, living at home at that time, had various pieces of music ringing in on every phone---
I always felt like I lived at Radio City Music Hall!
It's no wonder we missed so many calls!

You know, I remember my Grandfather, standing in his front hall, cranking the ringer, and holding the mouthpiece in his one hand, as he spoke to Mabel, the Operator, of a Party country line. As children, we would watch him, totally impressed that he could talk over this huge wall unit.
Times have sure changed---

-and I haven't even begun to go into "Cell Phones"--of which Himself has great difficulty with --not to mention that our house line is , "'Voice over Internet"---which added injury to insult with the whole situation --changing the number of rings before pickup--and leaving messages

Lord love a Duck!--- so much technology--
Mind boggling---
You might say, "I miss my pre-Internet brain!"
BUT--I do feel like a ""Techno Mama here!

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