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Thursday, 12/15/16

Thursday, December 15, 2016

I needed to read the words from the song "Breath of Heaven" as I was looking for a picture to use on the blog tonight. "Hold me together" could not be more true right now.

This morning started out like usual and then the phone call came that I could get Maegann in to see the chiropractor at 10. Naturally I took her and it made for a long two hours and the beginning of a day filled with emotional stress and tears for me. The highlights as I don't think I can write it all down without crying.

emoticon Dr. tested her foot....said there is a fracture. I called for a referral for a repeat scan.
emoticon Dr. said her brain swelling is about a 6 out of 10 so not horrible, but not good either. Gave us a supplement to assist in the healing.
emoticon Dr. believes she could have the mono virus due to the symptoms she's had over the past several months. Ordered labwork for that and a few other things such as anemia.
emoticon As she hadn't eaten we headed straight to the lab. This is when much of the emotional stress/crying began for me. She's never had a blood draw before and was so scared. Between the tension and hyperventilating she was passing out on us. I grabbed her head when I saw her eyes cross. Took too long to get her back, but so thankful for Lavender as that calmed her down and helped bring her back. She was yelling "Lavender! Lavender!" so she knew what she needed.
emoticon Lunch (none of us had breakfast before we left either) at McD's. (I made good choices.)
emoticon Maegann's arm was killing her and I just assumed it was from the tension as it will make the muscles ache more. By the time we got home we realized it might be a nickel allergy from the needle. Benadryl and a heating pad helped a lot.
emoticon The memory loss is worse today too. Talk about tears! She didn't know our dog. Doesn't remember our church or the people there. Didn't remember Dr. Todd. Didn't remember her Auntie Rea. I know much of this is just from the swelling and with time things will get better, but I can't help but think "what if" and I am trying to turn that around as I know it is needless emotion.

I have made arrangements with her teachers to postpone things until next week, but I honestly don't know how I can help her get the back assignments and retake tests ready to handle Monday-Wednesday and how she can do finals. Just going to see how tomorrow goes.

That really was my day. Left the house at 9:30 and returned about 1:30. Then dropped Isaac off at church to spend time with Patrick at 2:30. Tonight...watching silly Christmas movies. (Christmas Song and A Bride for Christmas)

Tomorrow I have a little paid work to do along with laundry and school with Isaac. He is going to spend time with Patrick again at 1.
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