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Friday, 12/16/16

Friday, December 16, 2016

We slept in this morning after staying up a little late watching Christmas movies. Even though the reason for us not having to get up earlier isn't a good one it has been wonderful being able to not set the alarm.

Once I got downstairs my phone starting ringing regarding Maegann's concussion and foot scan. As I knew I needed the foot done I was talking with Tim about how much worse her memory was today (she didn't remember her brother...still doesn't tonight) I decided to go to the ER instead of just imaging as that is what the doctor's office said to do if we had concerns.

We confirmed that her foot does have a break. Imaging just couldn't show it due to the swelling. Next for that... non weight bearing and an appointment with an orthopedist to confirm treatment.

Concussion....assurance that the memory loss worsening is a usual occurrence was helpful to my emotions. So, lots of rest and we will continue home treatments of oxygen for tissue repair and supplements for the inflammation. Now the prayers are that she will remember her classes in order to take finals Mon-Wed mornings. Today...she couldn't tell you what classes she takes.

Labwork revealed that she does not have the mono virus (very thankful about that), but did show her white count is very high. An 11 when it should be 3. Definitely have to hit the inflammation hard to turn that around.

Once home I got some paid work done and am ready to type up a renewal tomorrow. I am finally seeing the end of the pile for plan submissions.

Next was just hanging out watching Christmas movies. Maegann doesn't remember any of the ones we have already watched or from the past. Tim found our favorite "the Mistletones" on iTunes so we're watching that on TV from his laptop.

Weather is nasty as predicted. Snow on top of the ice thanks to rain beforehand. Temps in 20s and below and wild wind. Nice being inside the house!

Tomorrow night we are meeting friends for supper at Pizza Hut. Sadly Maegann doesn't remember them at all. Need to warn them especially for her son Dakota's sake. He has autism and won't understand.
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