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Beck Check Dec 18, 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016

**Monitoring all my meals
**Reading my ARCs every day and checking in on the extended meaning when needed.
**Eating mindfully and sitting down except for my workday lunches. My mindfulness has slipped a bit as we entered the busy season at work and also have additional things on my my mind besides just the holidays. I do catch myself, though, and pull myself back into the moment.

**Rocking Day 1196 of my planned exercise streak today and working in extra exercise bursts as inspiration hits. Day 2000 is just around the corner. Wow!

** Respond to sabotaging thoughts - I've had quite a few this week. The office candy bowl is quite enticing - dark chocolate, m&ms, and one of these:
, not to mention the cherry crisp my husband made the other day. All these temptations make me think I deserve just a little treat; that my Sweets & Treats Fast is self-imposed, so it doesn't really matter. But I tell myself I can have those things in just a few days (Christmas Eve family dinner ends the project) and honestly feel so proud of myself for resisting. I'm not depriving myself of goodies, I'm proving to myself that I can control my desires. It's easier to say "I don't eat that" than to stop after one or two pieces/bites.

**Devote time and energy to healthy living habits -
I made healthier chili with twice the beans and half the meat the recipe calls for. I'm paying closer attention to my calcium and Vitamin C intake which takes a little more time to examine my meal plans. Still getting in my minimum 20 minutes of a variety of planned exercise every day.
I'm experimenting with skipping my morning snack (tolerating hunger), having an earlier lunch, and moving my snack to late afternoon so I last until supper without raiding the pantry looking for something to tide me over.
Another benefit of my S&T Fast is that I have already drawn the line, which forces me to find other solutions for any emotional eating moments.

** Anti-craving techniques -
Getting pretty good at filling my tempting moments with household chores, playtime with the cat, cleaning out my computer files and even mending (blech).

** Use 7-question technique when upset - haven't been upset this week; a little annoyed, yes, but not upset.

Please share you experiences using the Beck techniques in your daily life.

Think Thin! Think Fit! Think Healthy!

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