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Tuesday, 12/27/16

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The day did not go completely as planned as we woke up to more snow falling. Got another 3" or more. This caused Meg not to be able to come for Isaac (her daughter lives about 45 minutes from us and they had more snow than we did). Hopefully they can get together Thursday. So the three of us headed to Meridian for Maegann's doctor appointment. Sleigh Ride!

The doctor was pleased with Maegann's progress. Her evaluation number hadn't changed, but her personality and awareness had definitely made progress. She was able to joke around with him like they used to do. She had more memories today and she has not reverted from her true personality all day. Dr. Tom said usually once the memories start coming back it is generally 3-4 days before things clear up. He did not see any inflammation in the optic nerve so he said no worries there either. We see him again next Tuesday and with any luck she'll be cleared for school by then. It starts up again on Jan. 5.

We then went to lunch and were having a great time and then wham! her crutches hit a slick spot near the door and down she went. Thankfully it only gave her some minor pain in the head and foot, but she came down hard on her knee and hand. Luckily the pain and inflammation sent down within a couple of hours. This sure could have had a horrible outcome! I think now she will understand why I'm asking her to slow down.

Once we got home I finished folding the laundry, shoveled snow and then took Isaac for physical therapy. I shouldn't have shoveled though....irritated my sore knee so much. I've been keeping Deep Blue on it and iced it tonight for awhile. After dropping Isaac off I got my errands, post office drop box and the library.

After I got home Maegann wanted to take a bath so we compromised as she isn't supposed to do that with the broken foot. She wore a swimsuit and left the door open. I was then called up when it was time to get out just for safety. She did fine.

I managed to get more checked off my to do list this afternoon too. I'm down to the items that are monthly or I can't do anything about right now. Yippee!!!!

Tomorrow...nothing except taking Isaac to meet up with Destinie again for more physical therapy.
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