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There has to be a God in Heaven!

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

It's Sunday---

Well, I AM a worrier----I should not be----
--because "stuff works out"---
The older I get----the more I see this---
There must be a GOD in HEAVEN---

First of all, thank you to all of you for your encouragement with "the cat who came in from the cold"---the cat who came at a busy time in my life----right at Christmas----the cat who made all my family look at me "funny"-----like---"Mom, you need this animal like a hole in yer head"----and why keep an animal who bites and claws you"---and Himself, "fit to be tied"--already saddled with 2 Germans (as in dogs)-----and one with a wonky heart!---

There is good news ---- Sushi came out from under the bed yesterday afternoon-, after her trip to the vet, --and----LET ME HOLD HER----Lord love a Duck eh?-----Go figure!
-no more biting me---no more swats with her paw--just purring---
AND there is more!-

Himself and I listened to Beau's wonky heart beat this morning----(the German Shepherd on 6 heart pills a day--the dog with INHERITED Ventricular Arrhythmia"---)
Low and behold--his heart is beating quite strong and fairly regular--
They predicted that he would outgrow this condition (if he survived) around 24 mos--He is 22 mos--pretty amazing--

So, with the good Lord taking care of "stuff", why on earth do I worry?-

I have all the Sparkly people helping me along, plus , the good Lord directing traffic--
--just saying!
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