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Ditch the Hope Diet---We're goin' down!

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Friday, January 20, 2017

I've felt defeated so many times---times when I was so busy, all I could aim for was to maintain---times when you were on that dreaded "Hope Diet"---(where you eat all you want and hope for the best)

--times where the weight bounced around even when I tried really hard (for a day!)---
---when I looked in the mirror with discust--then ate another chocolate bar---

-But (that big "butt" again!)---someone on here would inspire me----and I'd have to visit that Hokey Pokey Clinic-----for the 100th time!

--knowing that there is a SPRING coming sometime-----when we can wear fewer clothes--
dance through the tulips---------naked?

So, I never gave up-----(well, I thought about it----twice!)--
If I ever just quit trying, I would resemble "Bertha Blimp"----unable to walk----with no life expectancy-----zero---Ziltch!

but-----if a Doctor ever told me that I only had a week to go, I jess might let it all hang out----
LORD LOVE A DUCK------- Now that inner voice inside me is shouting------NO--NO !
So you see-------
THis weight has to go DOWN_-----
It's ""In us""----Spark People are not Quitters----even after 360 years--
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