"INSULIN works to make us fatter."

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Warning: Educational BLOG POST ahead!

Excerpts from pages 121-126 from the book "Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes.

Photo Caption "The Effects of Insulin on adipose tissue" (the following link updates the link provided on page 121.

There a lot of interesting information thru out the book.

What really was an EYE OPENER #1 is on pages 122-123

"Because the insulin level in the bloodstream is determined primarily by the carbbohydrates that are consumed - their quantity and quality, as I'll (Gary Taubes) discuss - it's those carbohydrates that determine how much fat WE accumulate. Here's the Chain of Events:

1. You think about eating a meal with carbohydrates.

2. You begin secreting INSULIN

3. The INSULIN signals the FAT CELLS to shut down the RELEASE of fatty acids (by inhibiting HSL ((Hormone-Sensitive Lipase))) and take up MORE fatty acids (via LPL ((Lipoprotein Lipase))) from the circulation.

4. You start to get Hungry or Hungrier.

5. You begin eating

6. You secrete MORE INSULIN.

7. Carbohydrates are digested and enter the circulation as GLUCOSE, causing blood sugars to rise

8. You secrete MORE INSULIN

9. Fat from the diet is stored as triglycerides in the fat cells, as are some of the carbohydrates that are converted into fat in the liver.

10, The fat cells get fatter, and so do you.

11. The FAT STAYS in the fat cells UNTIL the INSULIN level DROPS" unquote

WOW - When I read #1.. I remember reading long time ago - reading or looking at food can make you FAT... How about those FOOD Commercials??? MIND BLOWING....People were lucky back in the time before TV.

Page 124 "The Bottom Line is something that has been known (And mostly IGNORED) for over 40 years. The one thing we absolutely have to do if we want to get leaner - if we want to get fat out of our fat tissue and burn it - is to lower our insulin levels and to secrete less insulin to begin with." unquote

Also mentioned is the "24 hour cycle of storing and burning fat" in the book. We gain fat during the hours we are awaking and digesting meals. Fat is burned off in during our sleep state. INSULIN controls all of this. This makes sense because everything I read says get a good night's sleep and stop eating 3-4 hours before you go to bed. NO RAIDING the Frig or kitchen at midnight, etc. During the night time sleep period your insulin levels should drop.

EYE OPENER #2 pg 126 "Meanwhile, our bodies are getting bigger because we're putting on FAT, and so our fuel requirements are INCREASING. When we get fatter, we also add muscle to support that fat. (Thanks again in part to INSULIN which insures that whatever protein we consume is used for repairing muscles cells and organs, and for adding muscle if necessary). So as we fatten, our energy demand increases, and our appetite will increase for this reason as well - particularly our appetite for carbohydrates, BECAUSE this is the nutrient our cells burn for fuel WHEN INSULIN is elevated." unquote

WOW - So I really must step up -- Not giving into wild excessive carb food cravings, Eating just the right amount of good carbs, eating right amount protein and upping the amount of fat I eat. Stop eating at least by 7pm and get to bed by 10 pm. So far I am working on not eating any carbs during my 3rd meal -- just Fat and protein.

I'm off to make tuna with mayo and put on radish slices (My mouth wants to crunch something emoticon )

Thoughts, comments welcome emoticon emoticon
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    emoticon blog. Thank you for sharing.
    1415 days ago
    We are totally on the same page! I just finished reading "The Obesity Code" by Jason Fung. He references Taubes' work throughout the book and is in complete agreement: Obesity is caused by consistently high insulin levels. Fung sees LCHF as one piece of the puzzle and the other as timing around eating (he espouses various forms of fasting). I'm going to read Taubes' book "Why We Get Fat" next. Loving this stuff!
    1492 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your insight.
    1498 days ago
    emoticon Post! Thank you. I find knowing the science makes it much easier to stick to.

    I stumbled on while visiting a friend's wall. I promise I am not a stalker.
    I started LCHF IF last September because I had made goal but was having big big trouble maintaining. Once you tame the carbs--you will feel amazing and hunger will no longer haunt you!

    1505 days ago
    His is the book that started me on low carb 5 and a half years ago.
    1508 days ago
    Thanks for sharing the science. It helps to educate ourselves so we can make informed decisions about what goes into these mouths of ours! Much appreciated
    1508 days ago
  • BLUE-EYES-62
    Thank you for the information
    1509 days ago
    GREAT blog, MOTHERBEAR (that picture is SCARY)! I'll have to read more Gary Taubes.

    Understanding insulin was a turning point for me as well. It's also very easy to see why fasting really helps heal metabolic imbalances when you understand how insulin works.

    Something else that really made it's point for me was getting a blood glucose meter and testing for myself(I don't know why doctors don't tell all obese people to do so). Even though I'm not diabetic, it was really easy to see exactly how/why I got fat... even though my diet, by all conventional standards, was exemplary (and it's so empowering to watch my blood glucose drop in relation to my dietary choices). Carbs are so NOT my friend. I'm now reading Blood Sugar 101 and I am better understanding why my metabolic mechanism began breaking down (first non-paleo book EVER to admit that gut health, SLEEP, food sensitivities, etc. can keep you fat and keep insulin high).

    I don't know about anyone, else, but if I can understand what is happening and why, it is so much easier to engage in the process... I suppose because I no longer feel helpless, and aimless. I did EVERYTHING suggested from a CICO perspective and never lost and ounce, and felt so trapped in the process. LCHF has given me back a sense of purpose and has empowered me to once again be in control of my own health and well-being!

    So glad to be sharing the journey with you!

    1510 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    Great post!

    Am I understanding "EYE OPENER #2" right.

    Initially your protein/carb intake is out of balance, too many carbs and gain body fat ( this is #1).

    Then that body fat act like weight training and you gain some muscle (# 2 ?) and your overall need for calories goes up, but you unbalance of protein and carbs means you eat yet more carbs than you really need.
    1510 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/25/2017 11:10:40 PM
    Wow! Eye opening is right. Thank you for this blog. I'm going to take this to heart. I've been doing quite well on LCHF and I'm sure NOT going to quit. I love eating this way. Again, thanks.
    1510 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9556574
    21. Reach out to the homeless. Give food to the homeless man who sleeps outside your building. Remember the stuff you cleaned out from your place? You can give some old clothes and blankets to the homeless people near you.
    1510 days ago
  • MEGHIX233
    Low carb high fat diet (LCHF) similar to Atkins. I have been doing for 7 weeks on tuesday im down 26lbs! I feel great and i dont feel like im starving. I still have about 60lbs to go but i dont feel lile it will be a problem. I enjoy eating this way!
    1510 days ago
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