Vicious Cycles (Menstrual Issues)

Friday, March 24, 2017

This is going to be a bit of a TMI entry. I'll not go into anything graphic. This is me reaching out to see if I'm the only one...and hopefully, someone else will come across this blog and find that they are, in fact, not alone in this.


I had heavy periods early on in my life.
I'd feel sick to my stomach and crampy beyond belief sitting in classes in junior high. My sanitary products didn't offer me enough protection, and I had more than one embarrassing incident because of that.
When I was 18, my mom finally decided enough was enough - I'd have two cycles in a month - and she made an appointment for me to see an OBGYN. I was put onto birth control pills to help regulate my cycles. (Unfortunately, I think this led to weight gain, as well - besides the hormones themselves, I'd eat with the pill, otherwise I'd feel nauseated at first.)

Eventually, things got better for me, though the one factor that hasn't really gotten better for me is the pain. And eventually, I stopped syncing with my pills. Even now, I begin a week before my actual pills run out, and the placebo begins.

I worked 3 consecutive summers at a Girl Scout residential camp. I loved it! Always, ALWAYS active, and a fairly balanced and scheduled diet.
After awhile, though, no matter if I'd just had my cycle, or if it wasn't due for a bit yet - it would happen after a week or two of that activity increase, and that diet change. It was a pain, in more ways than one. There was that pain, those awful mood swings, etc., etc., etc.

I don't remember if this happened to me back when I began my lifestyle change that led to a drop of 30 lbs.

I do, however, know that it's affecting me again.
My cycle ended just 3 days ago.
I felt uncomfortable at work, and wouldn't you know it...

The pain as I type right now is so terrible. I just took some Aleeve, and am hoping it'll kick in soon.

Has anyone else out there experienced this?
What's it been like for you? What do you do to cope? How long has it lasted for you? Did you even out eventually? Do you have any other conditions that may affect you.

I am 99.999999% sure that I suffer from PMDD; look it up, if you're unfamiliar. Its like PMS, but 10x worse.
I've had blood tests done, and unltrasounds done - other than a benign (and apparently tiny, though I'd love a second opinion) cyst on my left ovary, I'm apparently in pretty good shape.

It was a happy, but frustrating phone call when I was told I was pretty healthy - wonderful! Nothing serious! What the h*** is wrong wrong with me, then?!?

It's frustrating, it's painful, and I'd really just like to have a hysterectomy. But I know that won't be an option, since I'm fairly young and haven't had children (and at this point in my life, I'm okay with that).


Anyone else?
Or do you deal with something similar, and are happy to know you're not alone?

Body, why do you hate me, when all I'm trying to do is treat you right?
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    I feel for you!!! I'm experiencing this now, but I'm 45. I don't have cramps, but extreme "burning" type pain that feels like my uterus is about to explode. I never had these issues before until about a year ago, but again I'm 45. I refuse to have a hysterectomy also. That'll create even more problems with either hormones or eventually your bladder falling out. I've known several women with that problem.

    On a side note, I was on birth control for other reasons for 11 years. When I quit, I literally lost half my hair. I had ultra thick hair and it literally came out shedding to 300 hairs a day. I counted because it was so bad. It finally stopped, but it never grew back. The good thing is that I lost it all over, but a little extra in the front. I've always prayed my hair to the side, so this hides it. Wish I had never started that junk. I still cry over my hair and that's 14 years ago!!!
    1433 days ago
    I had tons of problems...definitely the heavy period and the intense pain. I also had cysts on my ovaries. I had to take the pill to decrease the pain. They thought I may have had endometriosis. The pill helped with that some.

    Decades later, I was later diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, pcos. I was highly insulin resistant and the gyno put me on metformin and the Mediterranean diet to help my insulin resistance.

    My friend had a similar problem to yours. She'd have at least two periods a month. I know she suffered with it. I don't know if she had medical intervention. I think it did even out eventually for her.

    I would keep my uterus no matter what. My sis had hers taken out and she's had nothing but problems. They had to build a structure like a bird cage to keep her organs in place. She's had multiple surgeries to fix her problems and is now prone to frequent UTIs. She is also in frequent pain from the contraption they placed in her.

    I sure feel for you. I had terrible pain for years.

    You've heard the saying that getting old is not for sissies. Well, I'd contend that being a woman is not for sissies!

    Keep the faith, and consult other doctors. I found a gyno whose interest was reproductive endocrinology. I was lucky.

    1434 days ago
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