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Second Week of Maintenance

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The weekend is here and hubs and I will be going out to lunch at my favorite restaurant: Park Baluchi. A buffet style Indian restaurant with excellent food, presentation, ambience and service. Even with buffets I have a rule to only eat one plate of food. I arrange it with care and I savor each bite. At least that is my intention. I need to eat more slowly for sure. I am usually done in ten minutes, fifteen at the max. I'd like to stretch that out to twenty minutes. Set my fork down, chat with hubs. Really chew my food.

Now that I am here in the second week of maintenance, I am starting to notice my maintenance patterns. It does require a conscious effort to maintain this weight, just as it required effort to get here. But it is effort I can live with and quite enjoy. I have been tracking most days and keep it to about 1300 - 1400 calories. Hubs and I walk around the neighborhood every day.

I bought some silver grey raw silk for my dressmaker to make into a blouse for me, to go with my skinny jeans. it was quite an adventure to find the exact material I wanted but I found a large warehouse owned by two lovely Vietnamese women who were joyful and kind. Never been there before but amazing what you can find on Yelp these days. My local fabric store did not have any silk at all but I persisted until I found it.

I am weighing myself every day, not neurotically, but just to be accountable to myself. Today, my breakfast was a green smoothie: avocado, kale, spinach and herbs with a dash of salt and pepper. Other days, I have been having weetabix with honey and whole milk. My choices have become more wholesome over the past year and I have great energy and clarity of mind.

Now, I need to tune into the patterns of maintenance, rather than the patterns of weight loss. By patterns I mean thinking, choosing, behaving, feeling, and being a slender woman who maintains her body and loves it as it is. Experiment continues!
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