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Thursday, 3/30/17

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Woke up to a major wind/rain storm and saw trash (mostly Styrofoam packing type items) all over the yard, street and driveway. All the recycle bins along the street had lids blown over, but could tell it all came from the neighbor to our west as theirs was completely knocked over and most of the trash was there. Isaac and I went out and picked up the stuff in our area and came in soaking wet. The rain finally stopped about 4, but the wind is still gusting. 30-50 mph today is what I heard. I know I saw trampolines blown over and more on my drive this afternoon.

Managed to get school finished with Isaac before he was being picked up by Patrick. Today they were going to play video games and go out to eat. Patrick's son was with them too as it is spring break so that made it extra fun.

Tried to do science with Maegann, but yesterday had taken it's toll on the brain. She completely shut down when we were on a tougher section of the assignment. Complete shut down means she can't talk, she can't write and she cries. So hard. Takes her a bit to pull out of it. She had told me earlier in the day that she couldn't shut her mind off last night trying to remember the family that came over to visit. This is something she has to learn to be okay with...not remembering. She is still at rock bottom tonight so hopefully she will sleep better from the extra fatigue.

I then got busy on some paid work since the house was quiet. (Isaac gone. Maegann taking a bath.) Didn't have much, but it's nice to keep the little things caught up.

Now we're watching Andy Griffith while Tim finishes up some work on Isaac's laptop (motherboard went out). Then it's "Here's Lucy." I am looking forward to seeing The Amazing Race tonight too. One of my favorites.

Tomorrow.... Subway breakfast with Isaac, school and then he's hanging out with Patrick again in the afternoon. I also need to get some groceries as we're clear out of green veggies. Used the last of them tonight in the juice I made for Tim to have tomorrow. I can't touch this one.... carrots and cucumbers. They bother me so I'll stick to spinach salad and a fruit "juice" tomorrow.
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