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The 5K (April 29th)

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

On Saturday, I participated in a 5k/walk for a group called School on Wheels (the Massachusetts branch called SOWMA). This is a group that serves homeless students in a variety of ways. In some situations, it's a backpack full of school supplies. Another student may need tutoring. Recently, they're assisting homeless teens headed to college. As a mom to a college student, it doesn't matter that you might have free tuition. Even if the books and fees are covered, there are still things needed when you had off to a dorm - if you're homeless, you may not have things like a comforter and bed sheets you can take with you. This has become one of my big causes.

For the first time, I did some volunteering for the event. Since I get up at such an ungodly hour for work (depending on the day it can be 2:50am or as late as 4am), I signed up for an early slot and it worked. I was busy and couldn't get all worried about things like being the team leader of the Rainbow Narwhals (for this event - it would normally be my youngest) or the 5K. I really get worked up for those. I'm a wreck. Anyway...

I'm not sure how the picture sharing will go, but I'd like to entertain you with my big finish. I think this was my 20th 5K (so much for doing the one and then retiring). For every one of them, I pin my car key to my shirt. It's worked but I've often wondered if I would even notice if it fell off. Well folks, I can tell you that I would in fact know because it fell off.

Towards the end, that last section when they funnel the runners in to the finish line, there were 3 of us. #6, #36, and me and we were more or less in a row of 3. I sprinted. I passed #36 and then #6. And then the key dropped. I turned around and run back to the key. #6 passed me. I bent over to pick up the key and #36 passed me. I turned back to the finish line and sprinted as hard and as fast as I could, but in the end, #6 beat both me and #36 to the finish line and I never was able to regain my lead over #36.

I'm thinking next time, maybe a kilt pin would work better.

Sharing pictures of the finish and also of some of my team. L to R: My mom, me, my aunt (notice her pony tail with rainbow colors for hair bands), and my cousin. My cousin and I had to sort of crouch because we're "too tall" according to our mothers.

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