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Thursday, June 29, 2017

If anyone would have told the 40-something me...Heck! Even the 30 or 20 something ME, that I would be powerlifting in my 50's...AND competing....AND breaking records...I would have thought they were insane!

But I am, at age 57, just finished my second powerlifting meet, breaking my old records, breaking those of a competitor, AND Breaking 3 records of the YOUNGER 50's ladies! I'm still in awe of this, and very Thankful To God for giving me the strength to pursue this lifestyle!

I just started lifting at age 55...squat, bench, deadlifts....and started training with a power lifting coach at age 56. I competed in my first meet on July 30, 2016, where I set 4 NC State records. I competed in this meet, with a torn hamstring! I tore it 3 weeks before that meet while training my deadlifts. I was determined NOT to let it keep me from my first meet that I had prepared for! I competed, but my coach would NOT allow me to deadlift heavy! I broke the previous records in the squat, bench, bench only, and total combined. I was happy, but I wanted more! (I never realized how competitive I really am! LOL!)

On July 10, 2017, I competed in my second meet. This time, breaking all of my old records, and that dreaded deadlift that held me back last year! Not only did I set 5 NC State records in MY age and weight division, I broke 3 and tied 1 in the younger division! THAT in itself, really shocked me!

My lifts didn't all go as planned! I bombed out on my last 2 squat attempts, which put me out of the running for Nationals! I missed my last Bench attempt, which would have been nice to hit...a HUGE PR! But I hit ALL 3 of my deadlifts, breaking my PR by 15 pounds...and I probably could have pulled heavier, just on the energy of the crowd alone! LOL!

With all that being said, I will be competing again on August 26, 2017...this time I WILL qualify for Nationals, and break some of my current records!

Now, as a personal trainer, myself, I train women, and help them realize just how strong...both physically AND Mentally...they really are! My clients LOVE to realize how much they can lift, when all along they thought themselves weak! I love the most recent comment one of my clients told me! She said "Trish, I didn't realize how strong I was physically! But, what really shocked me, is how EMPOWERED I feel since I began training with you, and lifting weights! I never imagined myself to be feeling the way I feel now!"
THAT comment, in itself, was THE BEST THING any trainer could hear!

So, Do it for yourself! You're never too Old, Too young; Too small, Too BIG; Too frail, to fat; too anything to NOT even TRY! I can promise that you will NOT BULK UP from lifting 5 or 10 pound dumbbells! You will NOT look like Arnold, or any little Body builder! Both of these body types, takes years of dedication and VERY HARD work! But, if that's what you want to do...GO FOR IT! There's NOTHING holding you back.....but yourself!

Be Bold! Be Strong!
Enjoy the Day!

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