Today I quit drinking Monster!!!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Everyone always tells me to stop drinking soda, and I will see a huge change...I dont drink soda, I dont drink sugary or fruity drinks, I drink water. THAT'S IT!! I drink a ton of water. Oh, and I drink one Monster a day. It's the sugar free Monster so its ok, right??

I have always thought that by drinking my zero sugar Monsters, it was ok. Probably better than drinking 'regular' ones, but I have only been fooling myself, they are still not 'good' for me.... I have noticed a thickness to my belly lately, and been wondering where it keeps coming from... its the damn monsters (ok, so the donuts dont help either, but thats a different topic entirely). I used to have 'skinny' days, those dont happen very often any more. I feel bloated all the time. My shirts are way too tight, and my pants dont fit. It's time for a change.

So, today is the day....I QUIT MONSTERS!!!! Good bye, you delicious, EVIL little beverages that I love oh so much.

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