2017 is running & I seemed to be standing still!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ever since SP changed the homepage adding extras step to find and check in on groups, etc. and pandering to their APP to grant INSTANT happiness (praise, support) to the many that use the app, I have felt that SP doesn't care about my time. Silly I know! Frustrating Yes! I miss checking my groups,

Anyway. My Son has turned 18, graduated HS. Gotten notified by Social Security that as an adult according to documentation provided he is not DISABLED. So now I have the added stress of dealing with less income to. We have paperwork done to get him in a career training academy 4 hours away. We have requested the 10 day testing program. So I think this will happen in October. If he fits, and can handle it. I will be dropping him off on Sunday and picking him up Fridays every week.

I also had to renew his military dependent ID card with him in July. It was so hot, AC broke in car finally and had to get it repaired before I could even travel 3 hours away to get it done.

So I seemed at days be the hamster in the wheel. Some days I just want to be able to stay home and get some things done around the house which I have plenty to do IF I feel like doing. I still volunteer, still helping people.

So my days don't seemed to have enough hours or I need to manage my time better. I have read more books. I am still stuck and not happy with me..but only I can change that..

I got an Amazon Echo on prime day! Haven't done too much with Alexa yet. But I had a nice chat with my youngest daughter today on finances, other stuff, etc. I said to her. "you need to download the ALEXA app on your phone and we can talk to each other.." She goes, "Why? we have the phone." I said, "In case of those times of. "I've fallen and can't get up`". I mean seriously .... you can have phone problems. My phone was stuck in SAFE MODE for over 9 hours! Called who I had to call and none of their solutions was working. 3 tech support and a Samsung Tech later.. had enough hung up politely and GOOGLED. I had a stuck down volume button. A little rubbing alcohol on all buttons. then restart and all fixed!

Okay... I haven't given up .... just gonna get out of the rut I'm stuck in and make an extra effort to carve out some time to interact with my groups. Sparkers just using the app are missing out on what great groups Sparkpeople have!

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    Just going thru the process now for disability services and payments, myself

    Cheers Richard
    1335 days ago
    Glad you're still hangin' in with us, with life, with yourself. My Divine Miss O coined a term this past June, "I'm either the puppy or the hydrant" and then she'd come home and describe her day as either a puppy day, double puppy day, triple hydrant day, etc.... sound like you've had more than your share of hydrant days.

    You are to be commended for keeping up with your volunteering... now you have to figure out how get YOU on the list of people you're helping (I know, easier said than done).

    As for SparkPeople, I too and disappointed at the reduced activity on the teams... though I'm not sure that the app is really at fault.. I've been noticing a decline of quite some time. SIGH. Makes me sad.

    Have you tried using your SparkPage as your hub? That's what I do, and I just go directly to my teams from there, and I use the tool bar at the top of the page to navigate everything else. I don't care for the self-absorbed nature of the community feed... I spend very little time there.

    ...And THANKS... you've now made me want something I can't have (Amazon Echo not yet available in Canada), LOL. What a cool little gizmo!

    See if you can't come and join us on Paleo Lifestyles for the September re-boot Challenge. I'm personally going to be working my way back into solid ketosis and active weight loss. Love to have you along!

    I know life can make being here really challenging. Just know you're missed and valued!
    1335 days ago
  • no profile photo BRIARGAL
    Take those steps to get out of your rut!!!
    1335 days ago
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