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Good morning Spark

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hello sparkpeople .... firstly I have a confession. I strayed, I know I know I did this to you before. Its totally myfitnesspal it seems so lucrative at times.The grass just seemed greener ! I humbly come back begging for forgiveness however. After logging in this morning (after going through the process of forgotten password of course) I have a sense of why I liked spark so much better. The community is soooooooo much easier to navigate. Finding and connecting with people with the same kind of goals seems so much easier here. Group set ups I def. prefer spark, articles,trackers, I could literally go on all day because I like all aspects of spark better homestly. Right down to the reset option which I will be doing. Did u know on myfitnesspal the only way to currently reset is to delete your account and create a new one ? I wandered, this time for months. So much has changed since I last logged in. My baby isn't such a baby anymore (hes almost 10 months) my little princess is starting school in a few weeks. I've lost a dog (he sadly went over the rainbow bridge) gained a dog and a cat. I officially saved my parents house from tax sale. I have had such a rollercoaster ride since I last logged in. Ups, downs, straight up craziness. But here I am back where I started. With you spark ! I can't promise I won't stray again because we bith know eventually I will just be gone for a while. Trying to do things differently changing it up for a bit. I can honestly say I will however be back, I always am. Your just the best app out there and I know that, but I can't always resist the urge to see what others are doing to make their grass so gosh darn appealing
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