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Thursday, August 17, 2017

A few weeks ago a friend had a yard sale, she coupons, she had totes full of stuff. New never used stuff she gets thru her couponing.
I spent about 34 dollars at her yard sale, I bought Lysol bathroom cleaners, I bought body wash and shampoos and mostly, I bought about 8 boxes of Emergen C immune boost and vitamin c powder.
But, I didnt get it in my system fast enough, or the bug I picked up is just way to strong.
Having Laryingitis is no fun. However, it will buy you a couple of days of not having to answer the phone!!
Which at my house is a good thing, no one ever calls unless they want something, want to complain about something or some doctors office reminding me of an appointment I dont really want to go to.
But yesterday I did.
I went to a new clinic nearer to my house, and they are associates of the clinic where I regularly go.
So, I didnt have to fill out all those papers.
I was in and out pretty quickly, once I got seen. two hours wait time. but I did go as a walk in and so I didnt complain, I just wanted to get some meds, go home and get in bed, which is what I did.
I have strep throat with a sinus and upper respitory infection.
Antibiotics and Mucinex along with hot turmeric tea and honey, bed rest, lots of tissues and plenty of fluids.
Yesterday I felt like a possum that had been hit by a car but didnt die quickly, one that had laid in the road in the hot sun for a full day waiting to die.
Today I felt a little better, that is until I thought I felt better than i did and started cleaning the house.
After about ten minutes of laundry, and cleaning the bathroom, I realized I really dont feel that great afterall.
So, I will spend the day watching netflix and hoping tomorrow will be better and I can deep clean this weekend and get rid of any lingering germs......
I just put all the sparking and counting and worrying about all that other stuff off to the side with my mound of used tissues and lozenges.
Tomorrow is another day.
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