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Friday, September 01, 2017

My new jeans fit well and look decent. They're a size 28. When I got my first dressy pants at catherines, I needed 32/34's. So the 28 jeans are at least 2 sizes down! WOO HOO!!!

In 2 days I got over a dozen baby blankets made, several pairs of baby socks knitted, three pairs of shoe soles done, and the new machine came and I got it into the shop. I got the bag for it assembled, but haven't gotten the machine out of the box. There's only so much I can manage in one day with the way my hands are.

I did go grab mcdonalds for breakfast this morning. I got a non fat mocha with no toppings and a sausage muffin with no cheese. Small steps, but those will add up.

Going to try to get some decent sleep tonight and I'm hoping for good sales tomorrow since I'm crammed back into half a space this week. And if sales are good, I can afford to go get more materials for the baby expo.

I ordered bags today for that. Nice bags seem to help sales. I think it's partly because it makes things look more professional and not that you're just out to make a fast buck and don't really care about your product.

I was invited to the races tonight and tomorrow by the people whose car I help sponsor. I can't go, though. Son has taken off for the weekend again. After taking care of pets and with having to work alone, I don't dare go do the extra climbing on steps. If I happened to twist something or fall, I wouldn't be able to work the markets this weekend and that would mean zero income. I can't take that risk. Sigh. Maybe next year I'll be in good enough shape that I can go do things I enjoy without having to risk not being able to work.

My accounting class yesterday went fairly well, except for the annoying classmate that thinks we're going to work on homework and the final project together. Um, NOPE. It was bad enough that she wasn't paying attention to what the instructor was saying and writing on the screen and kept asking me what was going on! Which made me miss the next things the instructor was saying! Ugh.

And the class is in that room the size of a closet. I managed to avoid a panic attack...barely...sigh. They're working on getting me meds for it.

I've got a pretty good idea of how to do the homework, so I'm good there. And I'm going to make myself scarce so the classmate doesn't ask me to help her. Collaboration is grounds for failing the class and being expelled from the program. Nope. Not worth it. She wants help, she can get a tutor.

And I know what I'm going to write and say for Psychology. I still think a presentation on "who is the greatest guitar player of all time and why" is a silly thing to grade us on, but it is what it is. Everyone that knows me knows that I do NOT enjoy having to play these games with instructors. But they have control over my grade, so I have to do what I can without going against my ethics and compromising my integrity. I will do like I've done every semester. I will state my position at the beginning of the semester, make it clear that there is a line I will not cross for any reason-grades be da#*ed, and go from there. It should be fine.

All the classes being in the tiny room? Well, that's another situation entirely! But we'll see what happens.

I'm going to enjoy my victories and make the most of my holiday weekend. I think I may even make steaks for dinner sunday and/or Monday.

I've got this!!!
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