Four Years at or below goal on 9/1/2017

Monday, September 04, 2017

And I am happily heading to and ensconced in year 5. I must admit I came dangerously close to going over goal ,but luckily didn't let myself do that.. I say luck because I was lucky to find SP and Spark friends who were a reminder that once you let it get over goal it is hard to turn back. I am encouraged by the people I've met on here. Some are older like me. and some have health problems, but all keep trying to improve their health and stamina.

I've learned I can have chocolate. I love it. I have also learned to get things like that out of the house when prone to go over my limit of just a bit. Fruit DOES help curb the sugar addiction
and getting enough sleep DOES give more stamina. Commercials are great for marching and preferably dancing. I will keep on learning. Thanks Spark Guy AND SP friends.
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