My Relationship with SparkPeople

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I've been away from the site for a little while. Since my last post I completed two races since I've last logged on. I sent my son off to college, finalized life's loose ends and started all over.

I still workout 5 days a week. Still losing weight and inches. But I had to revisit my relationship with SparkPeople. I found that I was logging on in order to maintain streaks. Getting points versus substance. Shooting for the top of the SparkPoint leaderboards. I had to stop for a bit.

I forgot what SparkPeople was all about. I have connected and encouraged so many people. And I will hold them in my heart. Ilet the competition get in the way of the journey.

Since then, I have been in competition with myself. I use my SHealth app on my phone to track my progress. My biggest issue since 2015 is that SparkPeople haven't synced the two. This means double tracking. I track weight, food and exercise minutes. I have three more races in the pipeline to end my year. I will race the Savage this month in order to get the coveted Syndicate medal. I have my Spartan Super in October and Spartan Beast in December. I will have the long awaited Trifecta. Those are two goals I've had since I was sick last year.

So where does my relationship with SparkPeople go from here? I will still log on. I will read articles versus skim them from points. I will share my joys and frustrations. I will encourage my spark friends. But I need to make sure that I am participating for the right reasons.

Until then, I wanted to share a picture from August:

The other is my before and after from May 2014 to September 2017.

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