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Beck Trek 2017 - Day 11: Hunger, Desire and Cravings - Which one?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Beck Diet Solution Team is currently working through the 6-week program outlined in Judith S. Beck's book by the same. I encourage everyone to check out the team and perhaps join in the read.
My post on the team thread for Day 11 was getting a bit lengthy, so I entered this blog instead.

Woke up and did my morning things while registering about a 7 on the hunger scale. My stomach was grumbling a bit, and I was looking forward to having my coffee and breakfast.

During breakfast (eaten slowly while sitting down) my hunger level dropped off to about a 5 - still hungry but no more grumbly tumbly. Now, it did not take me 20 minutes to eat my cereal and have my coffee, so I know this drop off in hunger was probably as much psychological as physical. There couldn't have been time for my brain to register fullness.

After finishing my meal, I still felt a little hungry - about a 3 - but did not have anything else to eat. I never ever have seconds at breakfast. Ain' nobody got time fo' dat!

About 20 minutes after finishing breakfast I headed off to work. Not hungry at all.

Around 11:30 I started feeling REALLY hungry - a 9 on the charts. Kept getting hungrier, but had planned to wait until noon to eat my lunch. My stomach was growling a lot by the time I ate. After I ate a banana, I stopped eating for about 5 minutes. I still felt hungry, but more like a 7. Over the course of then next 40 minutes, I slowly at the rest of my small lunch. In the end, I was no longer hungry, but also not full. This is how I like it.

I paid attention to every bite, but I did not eat sitting down. I eat at my stand-up desk while working so that I can exercise on my lunch hour.

****Snack after work
My work day was interrupted by a wee little family emergency (all is well), which added a bit of extra stress to an already tricky part of my day. When we got home, Kiddo #2 and I were both hungry. (I was at a 6 on the hunger scale; my stomach wasn't growling, but it was close.) Instead of the m&ms or chips that called my name from the cupboard, I opted for a bowl of healthy fiber-rich cereal, then headed to the basement for a workout. I ate my cereal slowly while sitting down, enjoying every single bite. When I finished, I was still a little bit hungry- a 4. My taste buds were satisfied, and I knew I could hold off until supper.

DH is working late this week, so we didn't have supper until 6:45. My hunger was at an 8 by then. I ate slowly, sitting down. By the time I finished, my hunger was gone. I felt satisfied but not full. I really hate feeling full.

This was a good eating day.

I have to say, once I read the definitions of hunger/desire/cravings I found it pretty easy to distinguish the three.

My only trouble is recognizing the difference between strong hunger and being sick. There is a fine line there for me. If I get too hungry, I just feel very nauseated and do not want to eat anything at all. So that is when I need some go-to small healthy snacks that are easy on the stomach, and good sense in my head to tell me it's most likely that I'm very hungry.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    To be clear - the ratings for Day 11 are HUNGER ratings not DISCOMFORT ratings (that's for Day 12).
    I consider 0 to mean I'm not hungry at all, and not even thinking about food.
    A 10 is when I'm so hungry I'm starting to feel sick and dizzy and very cranky, having trouble concentrating, and really need a meal. It's when I've said "I'm SO hungry!!" several times in the last half hour and would be rather undiscerning about what I eat next.

    Now, I'd rate being a 10 on the HUNGER scale as only about a 3 or 4 on a DISCOMFORT scale, about the level of discomfort I'd feel after driving in the car for a few hours with no stretch break, or getting lost while driving in an unfamiliar city. While I can be very, very hungry, the discomfort I feel is realativly mild.
    956 days ago
    Excellent insight and observations of your experience. emoticon

    You are the second Becker that has mentioned hunger levels reaching such high numbers. I am finding that difficult to imagine. Hunger just does not rise to that level of discomfort for me even with a growling stomach.

    Keep up the great work!

    956 days ago
    Great observations.
    956 days ago
    Great insight and observing throughout your day! You inspire me to try this again!
    956 days ago
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