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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I recently returned from a 3 week European vacation. Had a great time! Visited 6 different countries: Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain and Netherlands. While in Germany, we spent several days at Oktoberfest. During the entire vacation, I ate and drank too much. There was only a limited amount of time to try all the regional food :) However, all the walking I did balanced it out.

While I was on vacation, I received an email from my gym stating that they would not be re-opening. They sustained too much damage from Hurricane Irma. So when I returned, I started looking for a new gym. I decided to try a crossfit gym. A couple of the people I was on vacation with are crossfitters, so it got me thinking about it. I've now gone for 2 days and love it. I'd heard lots of bad things about crossfit and how you can get hurt because they don't pay attention to form. But, this gym really watches your form, which is important to me since I have hurt myself due to bad form. I didn't have that when I was working out on my own at the gym before.

I am definitely scaling my workouts for now, especially the cardio. I can do the strength, but am keeping the weight low (or not at all - concentrating on form at the moment).
200m run
3 rounds: 12 air squats, 12 box push ups
200m run
2 rounds: 14 air squats, 14 box push ups
200m run
16 air squats, 16 box push ups

600m run
3-6-9-12-12-9-6-3 Reps: wall balls, ring rows, 25 single unders (jump rope)
(This means first round: 3 wall balls, 3 ring rows, 25 double footed jump rope; second round: 6 wall balls, 6 ring rows, 25 double footed jump rope...)
600m run
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